Manila Invades London!

It seems like Manilas most fashionable luminaries have descended in London.  I joined my darling Pam Quinones who is one of the most sought after fashion stylist in the Philippines in London to attend the Vogue Festival.  (That in itself is a deferent entry all together) I convinced the Talented Photographer BJ Pascual to join us and met up with bright young fashion stars like Angela Alarcon and Sasha Moyer.

When in London you gotta do a Selfridges run.

It was really such a treat to have everyone in London.   My London “connection” CJ  who gamely became our cool guide.  LOL!  I decided to have a welcome home cooked dinner in the flat that Pam rented out and we all had an amazing time!  The girls took care of styling the dining room and making it really chic and pretty with fresh flowers and brilliant flourishes of candles and what not.  While the boys took care of the kitchen CJ whipped out an amazing Potato mash while I did a salad and some grilled lambs with mushrooms.  Over all it was really such a treat.  We in one way or another work together in Manila and it is so rare to get the opportunity to just breathe and chill and take it all in and I for one am very grateful to have been able to be here with my friends and appreciated the pause.

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LONDON Escape!

Decided to try out the London direct flight from Manila via PAL and I must say it’s really cool!  It’s the fastest way to Europe now and in less than 16 hours your in England!  I was so eager to escape and get some inspiration in me and one of the best ways to do this is to put me on a plane and get me on an adventure.

Took the dawn flight out of Manila.

It was really cool as there is a Manila invasion happening now in London as there are several creative energies in the city now from Manila.  I landed with bright sunshine and I saw this as a sign that it’s going to be a fabulous trip. I met up with my  friend Pam Quinones who is one of the most talented stylist’s today.  She is here with her team to get their creative juices inspired and I am just so lucky to be able to tag along.  After dropping my bags it was all systems go and I was out the door ticking of things from my to do list.

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Yael and Karylle’s Wedding!

I love weddings!  Because of my line of work I practically attend weddings once a week. I love all the special tiny details that go into these memorable events.  Every now and then I get invited to  a wedding only as a guest and this for me is truly a pleasure as I get to enjoy the whole experience from a different point of view.   I love my job and I get immense satisfaction from it but every now and then I get the chance to just sit and enjoy the proceedings and I don’t need to worry about anything and just be there to express my love for the newly weds.

Robert Blancaflor did an excellent job in styling the wedding. I love these lamps, they reminded me of fresh berries

This recently happened when my friends Karylle and Yael got married.  The weather could not be any more glorious,  there was this nice breeze cooling the entire Angel fields near Tagaytay and it was just perfect. The theme was that Karylle wanted was “posh-picnic” with lots of colours and a relaxed and chill vibe permeating through the entire wedding.  It was really such a lovely evening filled with so much laughter and  love.  Karylle looked like a dream in her Furne One gown!  I loved her veil, although I missed the wedding ceremony I was able to catch up in the reception.  The Mother of the bride is my dear friend ZsaZsa Padilla  who looked absolutely breathtaking that evening wearing my blush pressed taffeta gown. I always love making clothes for her as she is one of the most gracious ladies you can ever meet.

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Manila Fame 2014!

For design lovers like myself it’s always a great idea to come and visit the Manila Fame.  Here in one roof we get to see the best of Philippine design and what our designers are doing in the realm of furniture, object and fashion design.

I had a huge smile when I saw Vito Selma's "Reyna" chair! It brought back so many wonderful childhood memories.



No matter how busy my schedule gets I always make time out and see Manila Fame.  It’s always so good to see my designer friends and see what they are doing and what new pieces they are showing.  I always leave inspired and refreshed.  This year I noticed a fresh perspective in colouring and a revival of iconic Filipino pieces that made me swoon and smile.  I immediately noticed Vito Selma’s Peacock chair aka The Miss Universe chair and I remember having something like this when we were young children and this nostalgia triggered many warm memories.

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Sean and Teresa’s Wedding Part 2!

It was one of those days withe clear blue skies and absolute sunshine.  The kind of day where you would think, what a perfect day to get married.  We were at one of the most beautiful islands in the world about to celebrate the union  of my friends Teresa and Sean.  I spent the morning taking the gorgeous sunshine and right after lunch went to the ASYA resort to help Teresa get ready.

We had absolutely the most perfect beach weather. Look at the blue of the water and sky!!!!


I love ASYA as it is one of the most beautifully designed resorts in Boracay.  It is located on a quieter part of the island and is blessed with the most fantastic views of Boracay.  It’s a really gorgeous place to get married!  Check out their website for more information.

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Sean and Teresa’s Wedding Part 1!

My friends Sean and Teresa recently got married in the beautiful island of Boracay!  I have known Teresa for almost my entire career in fashion.  I was starting out as a young designer 18 years ago and we did our very first bridal cover shoot together.  I remember this so vividly as she had very short hair then and she had this allure about her that to this very day leaves me quite captivated.

This is beautiful Boracay!


Our friendship is deep and filled with glorious memories and I was so honoured and privileged to have been asked to do her wedding dress.  On a trip to Venice beach while I was visiting Teresa I dreamt about her wedding.  She was already seeing Sean at the time but I did not know how serious it was.  I told her that I dreamt she was getting married on a beach and she was wearing this diaphanous dress that was made from tiny little pieces of beautiful memories.

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The Beautiful FEU Campus!

I was recently invited to speak at the Far Eatern University.  Getting there was a bit of a nightmare as the campus is in the heart of busy Manila with severe traffic, closed off streets and several demonstrations going on.  However the minute I walked in the campus all that chaos of Manila disappeared and I was left inside this spacious quadrangle with gorgeous trees surrounded by beautiful art-deco architecture.

At the centre of the campus is this impressive MANANSALA sculpture.

I was intrigued by the sculpture at the centre of the quadrangle and was impressed that it was done by MANANSALA!  I have only seen smaller sculptures of MANANSALA but not as big as this.  After my talk with the students my friend Martin Lopez who works in FEU gave me a short ( I will definitely be back for a longer and in depth tour) around the campus and I found it really interesting and beautiful.   I was quite in awe of the Botong Francisco mural in their chapel. The painting depicted the stations of the cross and it was so very vivid and dramatic.

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Our S/S 2014 Palawan Presentation!

We recently launched our Spring/Summer 2014 collection called PALAWAN to our friends in the press and to our friends and family.  We decided to do it in a very intimate manner as we wanted everyone to get a closer feel of the collection. I also wanted to do it in a very relax and chill pace as this was what I wanted to express in the collection.

The night before the launch we were setting up our store for the new collection.


It was quite challenging to take photos during the event as my mind was on a million little details that warranted my attention.  However I was able to take a few photos to share and to be able to capture for my blog and ultimately my memories.

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My TED x ADMU Talk!

I just wanted to share with all of you my TedX ADMU talk taken last Dec 14, 2014.  It was really great experience being able to share my journey with everyone.  Thank you to everyone at Tedx ADMU for inviting me and having me over.  I am honoured and grateful.


What a special privilege it is to be able to be part of such an impressive line of speakers all over the world.  After my talk I began researching more on the Ted talks and with each video that I watch I am more and more inspired and felt extremely blessed to be part of this special project.  Do enjoy the video and my journey.

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Palawan S/S 2014 Store Construction!

Creating the perfect environment to fully express the story of our collection is very important to me.  We take great thought and preparation so that our clients can get the full retail experience. For our Spring/Summer 2014 collection I wanted to recreate the feel of being in Palawan with the clear blues of the skies and the pristine waters.


I also wanted the feeling of being inside a hut being able to still see the sun and the water.  I found these matchstick curtain supplier that knew exactly what I need and I loved the fact that it smelled like the tropics as we were doing the contraction.

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