I come from a huge family!  I have 27 first cousins from my father side alone.  Growing up we always spend holidays and weekends together but as we got older we started to spend less time together.  However every now and then once in a blue moon so to speak we do get together and have a lot of fun.

Most of my cousins still live in the Philippines while some have moved to Vancouver, New York and London.  When my cousin Kathy came home we all saw this as an opportunity to get together and catch up.  I am the eldest of all the cousins so I really wanted to be there.

It was really good to see everyone and see how everyone is doing.  This recent night out was the closest we got from being complete and we are all grateful and blessed because of it.  After that night I told myself and my cousins that we should do this more often.  We should not wait for Christmas or a holiday to get together but try to see each other as much as we can as we are family and this is what family must do.

I just wanted to document this in my blog as a reminder to myself and perhaps to those who read my blog what really matters most.

They were called the Tres Marias as they were born in the same year. Bea my sister Venisse and Kathy.

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I am a HUGE fan of the the Dizon family!  For more than 3 decades they have consistently been on top of their game. Creating the most exquisite pieces of jewellery that in my opinion belong in museums.  However the artistry that they put in every piece is made available to all those who seek and desire it.

Each time I see a piece that they do I am left with admiration for the  thought, skill and technique that each piece goes through truly makes it an heirloom. I just wanted to share with all of you some images of their newest collection worn by the luminous beauty that is Lucy Torres Gomez.

Congratulations to JUL DIZON!  May your family continue to be strong and create these masterpieces that make people like me dream!

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SONA 2014!

The SONA or the State of the Nation Address means so much to many people.  In my world it simply means that we get to work. I am deeply grateful for this as it really ensures that my team has work!  I was had a TV interview about my work for the SONA and they asked if there is any “political” messages in the dresses that I make?

That the colours have meanings and messages?  To be honest that did not even cross my mind.  I am here to make my clients beautiful.  The designs that we make for them are all very personal and special.  The SONA for me is important because it gives us designers the opportunity to celebrate our heritage and our culture. It is very rare nowadays when we get to wear our Filipino attire.  Ask yourself?  When was the last time that we wore something FILIPINIANA?

Because of this I choose to concentrate on celebrating our artisans and craftsmen like our bearers, embroiderers, cutters, sewers, ironers and many more. Every person that has touched these garments are all Filipino.  It is a celebration of who we are as a people and this is what I was concentrating on when I made my SONA gowns.

I am sharing with you some of the gowns that I did because I am extremely grateful and proud of my team for being able to make these ideas and dreams come true.  I am also deeply thankful for the ladies who have trusted me in making these dresses for them.  On that note enjoy the red carpet and see how amazingly creative we Filipinos are.  Because we’re really good!

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The House of Curiosities

I am so blessed to have the most talented and creative friends.  Perhaps on top of that list my friend Junie Rodriguez.  Each time I get an invitation to his home my heart flitters with excitement as he truly has one of the most beautiful homes that I have ever been to.

His home is like a curio cabinet but in reverse.  Every time I visit my eyes never stop as I am visually stimulated with all the beautiful textures, colours and don’t even get me started on the art collection!  His home is really special because it is not only beautiful but extremely comfortable.  I love how Junie thinks as it’s like layers and layers of elements that just works.  The home took quite some time to finish and just like any of Junie’s projects it is continually evolving and changing.

I just wanted to share this with all of you because it left me inspired.  Thank you Junie for the kindness and love.

Dinner in the dining room.

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Ariel Aid Couture!

I was recently invited to a really cool project called “ARIEL AID COUTURE”  It’s one of those projects that just has a “win-win” situation.  All you have to do is to show up on August 2 & 3 at  Glorietta Activity centre and shop from a really cool selection of pre loved clothing.  Now I was invited to  ”style” some of the pieces that they had and I have to say the selection is pretty cool!  The whole process brought me back to my design school days were I would “repurpose” vintage clothing and try to make something cool about it.

I just want to encourage all of you to come and help out.  Remember that it is always in fashion to help!  See you there.

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I love destination weddings.  There is really something very special about flying out for a dear friend and celebrating their love. I recently had the privilege of attending my friends wedding Eg and Monique in Hong Kong.  I really had a lovely time as the wedding was very intimate and perfect.

Monique asked me to do the entourage and we chose a dove grey silk colour complimented by hand embroidered tulle bodice encrusted with caviar and murano glass beads.  The effect was classic with a nod to  a mid century silhouette.    The church wedding was really beautiful as the church they chose was very small making sure that all the guests were cozy.  After the ceremony we moved to the four season where a magical ball room was ready for all the guests with the most beautiful flowers.  The wedding banquet was just as stellar and right after dinner everyone started moving to the dance floor and dancing till the small hours of the morning.

I was just so happy to have been there to witness this beautiful wedding and I just want to wish the couple a long and happy blissful life filled with lots of laughter, peace and love!

The male members of the entourage in RAJOMAN!

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Farewell dinner at THE TIVOLI!

There are spaces and places in your life that have been part of your memories. One such special place is The Tivoli at the Manadarin Oriental Manila.  After 38 years they are closing their doors on July 25 and I felt that I needed to go back one more time to say good bye.

Tivoli will always be special to me as this was a place where I first felt like an adult.  My grandmother would take me to lunch there and I remember feeling so civilised.  We would have special occasions there like birthdays, graduations dinners.  When I was able to afford going to Tivoli on my own this was where I would have my business lunch meetings and even dinner dates.

It was just fitting that I go and have dinner and relive the memories.  I decided on the degustation menu where they prepare the “TIVOLI HITS” from all the years.  Dishes like the millionaire salad and their famous Lobster Bisque.  Every dish brought back lovely memories and added some worth while calories.  LOL!

You still have one more week to relive the memories of The Tivoli so go and make your reservations as the magic will be ending soon.

I always loved the floral arrangements of the Mandarin.

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BLACK BIRD take 2!

When I visited Black Bird for the first time I only had drinks as the menu was not fully released. I had the privilege of going back before they fully open to the public and to try out their food.  I invited my girls Malu Gamboa and Divine Lee to join me.

We began the evening having a drink at the lounge which was so elegant and tastefully decorated. We all felt that this is what Manila needed a place where you can really feel like an adult and a sense of civility.  The cocktails are so delicious my favourite ended up to have moon shine in it which made my evening quite dazzling.  LOL!

We then proceeded with our meal and Malu took charge of ordering the wine while we all had our inputs in what we would be having.  The starters we had that evening had distinct Asian flavours which we all enjoyed.  My personal  favourite were the beef short ribs. They were so tender and flavourful and really opened up your palette.  The scotch eggs were also a hit as it had this Indonesian/Thai twist to it. I had to have the octopus as this is my favourite. This for me was a take on Spanish Pulpo on a bed of potato but this time had a Korean kind of accent.

For the main course we all had the killer rib eye which was a hefty 1 kilo portion!  It was certainly a wow main course perfectly cooked coming with the most delicate sauce perfumed with truffles.  We were definitely all in food heaven. After the meal we all decided to take a tour of the place.  I loved the history  of the place and how Collin and Kerwin really respected the heritage and brought in to a new place.

We then took our dessert outside where the cool monsoon rains made it utterly relaxing.  Finally we moved back to the bar for a night cap and raised our glasses to Black Bird!  I dare say that this place is going to be a humungous hit!  I for one already made 2 reservations in the coming week!  I found it that good!

Happy with my girls Malu & Divine.

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My friend Aya Maceda is one incredibly talented woman!  She recently sent me an email (which I am attaching below) about her project building schools in BOHOL.  I think what she is doing is amazing and I want to spread the word out so that more people can help and get involved in improving our country in our own small way.  I believe in this project of AYA and I encourage all of you to read on what she is doing and perhaps together we all can make a difference one young student at a time.  I think the power of goodness will triumph over all this greed, corruption and evil that is constantly around us. This is our time to take charge and change the path of our future.  Congratulations to my friend AYA!  I am so proud of you and what you are doing.  May your tribe increase and prosper!



My dearest friends,
Here is my blood, sweat and tears for the past year. What started out as a basic question about giving a better quality of space for children to learn became a bigger project.
In the past year, I have finished my design-research for the school through Columbia University, crowd-sourced an amazing project team and fundraised 6 out of the 8 classrooms we will build for 2 completely devastated schools in BOHOL.
PLEASE Help us complete what we started. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Donate here:

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Magical Marinduque!

I have always been afflicted with “wanderlust”  I would take every opportunity to escape and see what brand new adventure awaits. I have never been to the province of Marinduque so when my friends invited Nix and I we jumped at the opportunity.

They use to have flights to go to Marinquque but since they are doing major repairs on the runway we had to take a more challenging route. This meant taking a land ride and my first time on a “RO-RO” which is short for a roll on roll off experience.  The trip took a total of 7 hours to get there.  I have to admit it was really tiring but once we got there it was truly worth it.

My friend’s private home was really beautiful.  His aunt is a very prominent interior designer and the whole space was so beautifully decorated that I could not help take so many photos.  My personal highlight is that we were able to take our princess Allegra on this trip.  A rare moment for us indeed.

It was a weekend filled with lots of laughter, sun and food.  I was really happy that I was able to bond with my High School friends and get some fresh air.  It was also a reminder for me to go out and explore our beautiful nation more as we do have an amazing country with so much to offer.  With that take a look at my photos as this will fully explain why I think Marinduque is magical.

So happy that we were able to take our princess along on this trip.

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