Queen 2013!

I love beauty pageants!  I have always loved them.  I am genetically programmed to enjoy it and ever since I was 6 I have practically never missed a Ms.  Universe contest!  LOL!  So when I was invited to be a judge to Cary Santiago’s Queen Pageant.  I had to say yes!  I have never seen the Queen competition.  I have only heard about it and from what I hear it’s INCREDIBLE!   I could not be there the first time Cary invited me to be a judge so the second time he asked me I had to make sure that I was there.

My fellow judge that night is the beautiful Dawn Zulueta- Lagdameo.

The Queen is arguably the most important beauty pageant for our transgender sisters in the country.  I was so blown away by the beauty, talent and above all the courage of these magnificent women.  I wish more people could have seen this  incredible beauty contest that kept me at the edge of my seats.

The opening ceremony.


The theme was Filipino festivals and Fiesta's.


Go for Gold!


The production values were incredible.


The ladies do their opening number.




Ms. Venezuela!


The gorgeous host! Gosh…That dress is so chic!


The parade of nations! This portion was just AMAZING!!!!!




LIke a snowflake that moved and magnified by a million fold.


Wish I took a video.


More costumes that were incredible! This beats the parade of costumes on any pageant ever!!!!


Some of the costumes were bigger than houses! LOL!




Look at the detail!


I think this won best costume?


The Philippines had an entire village with her.


Peacock galore!!!


I loved this!










My love Regine does a song number.


The swimsuit portion.


the cocktail dress competition.


I loved the evening gown portion. Bringing back the glory days of how it used to be done.


I think they should do it like this again.


I loved the little sisters part.


the finalists.


The Question and answer portion.


I loved Ms. Brazil!!!!


The Queens of 2013!!!!


My photos fails to capture the magic and the spectacle of the events that evening but I just wanted to share this with all of you and to congratulate my friend Cary Santiago for all his efforts as this is truly one of the most incredible pageants that I have ever witnessed in my entire life!  Take a look at the photos and like me be left in awe.



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  1. ben says:

    WOW! This is amazing. The national costumes are insane!! How can the general public watch this? I would love to watch someday

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