Christmas 2013 Recap!

And just like that Christmas 2013 is done!  Although because I am Filipino this season will last another 3 more weeks well into 2014.  So allow me to do a little dictionary tale of what my Christmas was like.  I always think that Christmas is all about friends, family and a lot of food!  I have been guilty of indulging with all 3 this season and I have zero regrets.

Happy that I got to spend some time with Anton! I am so proud and very happy for all his achievements and I am sure that 2014 will be even more spectacular.

First to all my friends both old and new, Let me tell you how appreciate each and everyone of you as it is because of you I have memories that will last me a lifetime.  Thank you for those moments filled with laughter and joy.  Thank you for accepting with all my flaws.  I truly appreciate this.

I love how this Christmas tree looked!


My love Teresa is going to have an amazing 2014 and i am so happy that we spent that time in traffic drinking wine and having a beautiful intimate dinner that was really a breath of fresh air.


My loves! My eternal it girls form High Schoo! You all just get more beautiful as we age!


really pleased that I got to organise a dinner with these girls! THURSDAY!!!!!!


Mara and Anton!


Happy Birthday dinner for Chris!


My darling Chris! Whose birthday falls on the 23rd and since it's usually hard to plan a birthday dinner with her as not only is it a day before Christmas and its smacked in between her wedding anniversary and all that. I was just so happy to be with her as we all celebrated her special day and also our many years of friendship!


My annual Christmas sketch.


My kids! Christmas is indeed for children.


My twin blessings!


My support group!


My siblings!


My family!


To my family.  I love each and everyone of you!  Thank you for all the support and just being there to make me feel safe and secure.  As for food!  I love you and I hate you!  LOL!   I still need to manage my relationship with you but for now….FOOD has won!  I cannot tell you how I enjoyed myself this season but with full intention I intend to even out the game in the next year!  HOWEVER…That is entirely a brand new post.  In the mean time here are some photo highlights from my Christmas 2013!



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  1. Congratulations,Rajo! May your success, experiences and generosity be a constant inspiration to all of us. I hope you surpass your dreams this coming 2014. God bless you, your partner, your family and your businesses. . .

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