The RAJO! Rockwell Boutique!

I have been amiss in my blogging activities due to a very special project! We have been quietly working on our very first Mall boutique. We are on our soft opening as we opened this Monday. It has been quite an adventure since we are literally chartering brand new territories. Let me share with you some images of how we got here. I apologise if this is brief as there are still quite a lot of things to be done and to be tweaked.

It was actually just 6 weeks before we boarded up and started working on the store.

I would like to personally invite all of you to come and visit us at the Rockwell Power Plant mall. We are on the 2nd level on the same row as CURA V and Aranaz. Do drop by and experience our holiday collection 2013 as an homage to Diana Vreeland! See you inthe MALL!

Every time I would pass by our signage l would get butterflies in my stomach.


Each little element was important. LIke these hooks.


I wanted an art gallery feel to the space. Since I will be changing the interiors with each collection I wanted to start having this bare minimal feel.


Nix Alanon did the interior design and since he knows the brand very well.


Some behind the scene action.


Had to IG the process.


Don’t you just love that Italian marble counter?


Stockman forms as mannequins having a nod to our bespoke history.


Time to set up!


Proper visual merchandising is key!


We have a lot to learn so please be patient with us.


All this would not have happened if not for my sisters vision and strength! This store is our dream coming true!


Almost ready! You cannot imagine how important lighting is in retail.


Our brand new collection #Vreeland is on display!


Please come and visit us!


Our girls are ready!


Meet our beautiful sales team!


See you in the MALL!



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