Dinner with SJP!

One of my life highlights has to be meeting Sarah Jessica Parker and ultimately becoming her friend.  We met May this year and I mentioned to her that I would be in NYC in the fall and she told me to let her know when I was in town and we would meet up.

We started our meal with this amazing buratta cheese salad with salmon roe.


I wrote her an email and we immediately made a date!  I still cannot believe that I was actually going to have dinner with SJP in NYC!  It was like one of those surreal moments.  She chose a lovely little Italian restaurant called La Perla.  Sarah Jessica is currently working on a play and  although her schedule is extremely busy she was really nice and kind enough to meet me Malu and Nix.

Howe beautiful is this dish?


It was such a joy to be with her as she was really so nice authentic and real.  It was the kind of dinner that you have with a really good friend and I we really had a fantastic time catching up and just sharing stories about her family and ours.

Once I see octopus on the menu I always have to order it.


Beef medallions! Perfectly cooked.


This was the pasta dish that was really memorable. I loved the consistency of the pasta and how the sauce really get inside the orchietta ( ear shape) making each pasta filed with that gorgeous sauce.

The food at La Perla  http://perlanyc.com   was spectacular and I cannot wait to go back to eat there again.  The restaurant serves these original Italian dishes with lots of heart and soul.  I enjoyed every dish that we ordered.  I particularly loved the pasta dish that was shaped like ears.  LOL!  It was really delicious and it was again so surreal to be actually sharing this dish with one of New York cities icons!  However it’s really so easy to be relaxed around Sarah Jessica because she immediately puts you at ease and really made everyone she meets feel comfortable and secure.

Happy to see you again my friend!


SJP, me with Allison and NIX.


We actually almost did not get to take photos until SJP herself reminded us! How funny was that?


Happy times! Oops sorry to have cropped Nix.


Blurry photos but I loved it just the same.


Made plans to see each other again this coming year.


I wished I used the flash.


The beautiful Allison! SJP's assistant.


I really liked La Perla's cookies that came with coffee.


Even the simple bread with cheese and honey was spectacular.


Malu with a fan sign for her niece! I love these two women too bits!


The evening was really beautiful filled with stories about TV shows, theatre  and future plans.  I just wanted to share with all you this special experience and how truly blessed I am to have a friend like Sarah Jessica Parker!



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  1. ChaCha M says:

    So, what are you upto today? Ummm, not much, just had dinner with SJP? LOL!
    It amazes me how grounded she is and a lil meeting back in May and now you are like bff’s!

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