Sarah Geronimo: A PERFECT 10!

I cannot believe how fast time flies! It feels like only a few years ago I met a very talented young lady who visited my shop and I was tasked to dress her up for her singing competition.  As luck would have it, she won the competition and her meteoric rise towards stardom was on track.

One of her dresses comprised of a fully beaded pearl and crystal bodice with an ostrich plume skirt.


I am very grateful that to this very day Sarah Geronimo is still one of my most loyal clients and never does a week go by without us having to make her something.  She recently had a concert celebrating her 10 years in the business and I had the good fortune of having to design 3 of her ensembles for the show.

Together with the leading stylist’s in the Philippines namely Pam Quinones and Liz Uy we were able to combine forces and create the most dazzling of costumes fit for our Pop-star princess.  I would like to thank Liz and Pam for realising the vision for Sarah and I would also like to thank Sarah’s parents whose guidance has been really a light throughout these years.  Finally to Sarah who remains very much the same girl I met 10 years ago, sill quite shy and still deeply respectful but somehow stronger and definitely more mature today.

I love this colour on Sarah!


A team of champions for our very own champion!


Sarah minutes before the show with her devoted parents.


I love this shot! Styled by Liz UY!


Regine Velasquez and Sarah do an amazing duet!


More images of this silver ensemble.


The is ensemble transformed in 3 ways.


What an amazing sight to see 3 of the most iconic singers of our generation! BRAVO!!!!!


Thank you for trusting us and loving our work as this is really something that we will always cherish and treasure.  I want to congratulate you on your phenomenal success and I will and forever remain a fan!



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4 Responses to Sarah Geronimo: A PERFECT 10!

  1. ruby ribo pattugalan says:

    your designs sir rajo are outstanding! they always bring out the best in sarah! and i’m sure with every woman you dress up… you are one of PHilippines’ fashion icons! a Filipino pride as well! I’m so glad that Sarah trusts and respects you best of all! God bless.

  2. rajo says:

    Thank you Ruby! I appreciate your comment very much.

  3. Marie Knapp says:

    You are one amazing designer that I have great respect for that one on my bucket list is to wear something made by you. Thank you for your creativity aand commitment to your passion that shows in every design you make.

  4. rajo says:

    Thank you Marie! That meant a lot to me.

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