BTS of the Vreeland Holiday 2013 Shoot!

One of the most fun and exciting part of our entire process is doing the campaign and look book shoot. This is the part where all our dreams, imaginations and thoughts come to life. Getting it all together takes a lot of preparation from booking all the people involved like the photographer, models, make up and hair teams, stylists. It’s always a challenge to get everyone’s schedule in synch but I am grateful to Martin who always gets it done.

I loved this chair from KISH! Too bad we ended up not using it.

I wanted a surrealist take on the campaign and was able to find these amazing animal masks in one of my trips abroad and really wanted to use them for a photo shoot. I thought that it was really quite funny that underneath the masks were some of the Top models in the country like Ria Bolivar and Jasmine Maierhofer. I usually try to seek out new male models in the country and was lucky enough to find Josh from Elite five days upon his arrival in Manila.

I imagined the set design to be the salon of Mrs. Vreeland! I wanted something luxurious and immediately thought of velvet so we transformed my studio into this lush velvet draped extravaganza that I thought looked pretty cool. We needed some pieces of furniture for the shoot, good thing my friend Ito Kish selfishly loaned me the perfect pieces that would make the set perfect. Thank you Ito Kish!

I loved this chair from KISH! There are so many beautiful things I could cry.


I thought that this chair would be perfect for the shoot.


Found this masks from a trip several months ago and I am finally going to get to use it


How perfect that our shoot happened on Halloween! LOL!


We started to cast our male models and he was one of our options! I am so excited to show you all our RAJOMAN pieces!


We decided to go with JOSH! He just arrived 5 days before the shoot and we booked him immediately.


This is Josh as a Tikbalang! LOL!


The night before we did the set up for the shoot. Imagining a salon in Mrs. Vreeland’s home.


I love how old world it feels!


My friend Melvin Mojica is always such a joy to work withand he helped me style the campaign I am always thankful to my collaborators because no one really can do it by themselves. I wanted to have Mrs. Vreeland somewhere in the shoot and Melvin told me that we should cast Xtinasuperstar in the leading role! Xtina is a dear friend and was super game to do the role even if she came from her DJ gig and had zero sleep she still was such a professional and such a trooper giving her best Mrs. Vreeland stance! It was such a riot just witnessing her transformation.


Check out the accessories that we will have in House of Laurel very soon!


These are MIADORE’S collection exclusive to HOUSE OF LAUREL!


Setting up the clothes.

I wanted to work again with the dynamic duo of Everywhere we shoot! Ryan and Garov’s shot my “Insect” collection a few years back and I have been wanting to work with them again. I love their point of view and I thought that they would be perfect for the Vreeland campaign. I can’t wait to show you all their amazing photos! In charge of the make up was Don de Jesus of MAC! Thank you MAC for always supporting us. The hair was done by the talented Jaime Sy while we have to thank Salon Privat for the amazing nails specifically of Mrs. Vreeland which was the perfect shade of red!

Ria Bolivar chopped off her hair the day before! I loved it! We were one of her first photo shoots right after she cut her hair! I thought it was so fresh and forward!


Getting that old world vibe!


I love how this all feels.


I died!


My little friends!


Mr Bunny Rabbit!


Mrs. Vreeland is alive!


Xtina rocking it!


Lunch break!


Some of my favourite pieces!


Washed silk wrap gowns!


Melvin does his things! Thank you my darling!


One of my favourite looks!


Final shot!


HILARIOUS!!!!! This is the VREELAND team Holiday collection 2013.


Thank you everyone! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


Courtesy of EWS!




I would also like to express my gratitude to my entire team! You guys are the best! I am so thankful to Cher, Michelle, Martin, Sam, Ven and all my angels who are so devoted to my vision. Thank you to all of you! We do all that we can because we love what we do and I just want to share some of the behind the scenes aspect of the what it takes to create the images that you see. It is that sense of excitement that makes it all worthwhile and in the end it’s that love that drives and pushes us forward! Enjoy the photos!

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2 Responses to BTS of the Vreeland Holiday 2013 Shoot!

  1. catherine swahn says:

    What is the lipstick color for Ria Bolivar? Looks really good on her.

  2. raffi says:

    Love the dress, mask doesnt help…

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