Our NYC Clubhouse Called FELIX!

Every group of friends where ever they may be in the world have a favourite watering hole.  A place where everyone feels at home and comfortable to be themselves and to connect with friends and just enjoy and have fun.  I call this the club house.  When in NYC our clubhouse has got to be FELIX  http://felixnyc.com/soho/  This little French bistro bar has been home to Filipino expatriates/students/transients and tourist’s primarily because of their manager Thea Robles.

Some of my NYC crew!


Thea is my dear friend and she was a top model in the Philippines and in fact was a Ms. Philippines herself.  At close to 6 feet tall and a voice like a well seasoned bass guitar I consider this woman to be the queen of NYC.  A visit to NYC is incomplete without me paying Thea a visit and having a drink at her Felix.  This trip was no different as I asked my friends to meet me there for drinks.  We had an amazing time consuming copious amounts of rose and laughing till our stomach’s ached.  It was what I would call a really great visit.

So happy to see my girls! Cara, Thea and Stacy.


Here I am with Robin and Matt


With the gorgeous Tia Paola!


Happy to see Noel back in NYC.


When day turns to night! Time flies so fast when your with dear friends.


Met up with my cousin Alexis and JR at Marrow for dinner.


I am glad I took photos because I can't remember half of the dinner. LOL! This plate looks really delicious thought.




I like what this Baptist church has to say!


Nix, Tia Paola and PJ in FELIX!


So proud and happy for my baby sister Stacy she is currently interning with the brand ROW!!!


The scene at FELIX.


Laughter all the time!


Really glad that Cara was able to join us.


My NYC trio!


Noel and Stacy.


Someone really likes FELIX! LOL!


Laughter all the time!


Robin really has the gift to make everyone laugh!

I then had to meet up with my favourite cousin Alexis for dinner and he booked the Marrow restaurant which was getting quite a good reputation http://www.themarrownyc.com   The restaurant is quite interesting as it is inspired from the Chef’s German and Italian heritage.  To be quite honest I was already quite buzzed when I arrived at the restaurant and although everything was a bit of a blur I am doing my best to recollect everything that happened that dinner.  I know that since I was with some of my favourite people I am sure that it was amazing!  Good thing I have my photos to remember what I did and what I ate.  LOL!  Do enjoy the photos and when in NYC do drop by my Clubhouse and dine at the Manor and if you have the chance let me know what you thought about it?

Had to have the Marrow at the Marrow! Sadly it was so small and uneventful.


This was the beef tare-tare.


I really liked the caprese salad.


I forgot how the crepes tasted like? LOL!


This looked delicious.


MEAT lovers come to marrow!


Alexis and I in front of the Marrow.





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  1. CJ says:

    love that spot on quote from the Baptist Church!

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