The dining landscape in New York city has always been one of the brightest and exuberant in the world.  I have noticed that for a couple of years now a return to “American” comfort cuisine has been celebrated.  One of the most hyped up places of this “American” cuisine is Red Rooster.  From the culinary mind of Chef Marcus Samuelson  comes this beautiful restaurant that really has the charm of flavour that is real American but influenced by the culture of history of the surrounding neighbourhood that is Harlem.

Harlem Street art!


I was really excited to have brunch here as it’s really one of the hottest places now in the city.  Reservations come far and in between and I am really grateful to Alicia Sy who gave me her reservation for that day. I am also fortunate the my dear friend PJ Pascual was with me that Sunday as he is really like a brother to me and spending time with him is always a treat and a joy.

We began our meal with quite a bit of a wait as even if we had a reservation the restaurant was really packed! It  literally felt like grand central station.  The great thing was that they had this amazing jazz band that kept everyone entertained and even if the wait was like 50 minutes it was all good.

The Red Rooster facade.


Happy to be with PJ!!!


That's a lot of alcohol!!! LOL!


The restaurant interiors.

We excitedly ordered our food and it came pretty fast.  It all looked very good but sadly it was really not that great!  I was so excited for my Fried Chicken and it was not cooked all the way through.  Nix barely finished his sausage/meat ball dish and PJ’s fish was lacklustre.  The server did try very very hard as they replaced my chicken but I still was quite disappointed.  The desserts were also  a let down as the cupcakes were dry and it tasted old.  The good thing was the the service was top notch and I think they were just having a bad day.  I mean the place was really packed and perhaps the kitchen missed a few steps in the process.

Starters! I liked the fried green tomatoes but the rest was just ok. Nothing special.


PJ's fish dish was lack lustre. I mean comfort food should be sooth you and give you this warm fuzzy feeling. This one failed to deliver.


Nix did not finish this dish.


Nix did not finish this dish.


This was adorable!!! The Harlem Globe trotters! LOL!


I loved this!


The truffles were ok.


Cute cupcake but it was dry and it tasted old.


This was sad too.


My Red Rooster experience was pretty but it was just not that great.


It was so packed and busy!!!!


The line!!!!


Good thing they had this great Jazz band that entertained the customers.


My fried chicken! Looked delicious but it was not cooked all the way through.


Brunch crew at Red Rooster.


Posing muna!


I am not sure if I want to come back all the way to Harlem be disappointed but I suggest you all try it yourselves as each experience is different.  I did enjoy my day in Harlem and just being in New York makes me happy so it’s all good!  Enjoy the photos!



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  1. Cutella says:

    Foods look delicious!

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