The Carpo-Bond Wedding!

The main reason I am in North America is for the wedding of one of friends Amanda Carpo to Michael Bond.  Both these people are world class athletes and I consider to be super human beings. I have never missed a  Carpo wedding and I would never imagine missing Amanda’s.

After pressing and steaming the dresses I thought that I needed to air out them out.


I love the “Carpo” weddings because there is this beautiful sense of family and community when one is invited.  SInce most of their weddings are out of the Philippines the whole gang is involved in the wedding process.  It becomes more memorable as we end up doing most of the preparations ourselves.

Amanda had a clear vision of the kind of wedding that she wanted. A nod to the twenties is what she was looking for and a softer liquid, languid line.  I was so excited to work on her dresses and began the preparations almost 5 months in advance. Everything fell beautifully in place and it was one of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever attended.  It was so well paced and everyone had a great time.  I would just like to extend my sincerest appreciation to Amanda and Mike for making me part of their memories and grateful to the faith and the trust  given to me!

My friend Ton-Ton Roxas did a phenomenal job on the flowers! I think he is so talented!


Fall hued blooms.


Our bride off to the church in time.


I love how Amanda face looks.


back details.


The sea princess arrives! Here she is with me and Malu.


The bridal entourage in modern adaptations of the "flapper" dress.


My beautiful girls!


So happy that we got to spend time together.


Forming the bridal line.


Seal that with a kiss!


What a beautiful couple! Congratulations.


The wedding reception was held at the famous Olympic club! Golfer's were giddy with glee!


Great views!


Nix and I above the 18th hole.


A collage of the days events.


I really love this photo that Nix took!


The first dance!


The bride getting ready!


The dresses being "aired"!


The bridal flowers!


Back details!


The groom was this tall! LOL!


Love the entourage!


Ready set go!


The bride enters the church! I love this moment.


Back views.


So happy to be here!


Taking advantage of that incredible stained glass window! Bea, Malu, Martin, Leica and I.


Getting ready for the reception.


The beautiful reception venue.


This was all the job of Ton-Ton Roxas!


The dance hall!


So excited to be here!


Nix and our darling Aya!


Photo shoot time!


The reception dinner begins.


The view from my table.


Dinner mates!


Delicious and tender beef!


Thank you Ton-Ton for an amazing job! Here he is hamming it up with our sea princess!


I hope you all enjoy the photos!




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2 Responses to The Carpo-Bond Wedding!

  1. Vicki says:

    Rajo, I love this blog entry! Brings me back to that wonderful day. Missing you all and can’t wait til our Iron Bride and Groom get back for our reunion :)

  2. rajo says:

    Thank you Vicki! I miss you too! Been concentrating on work and don’t have much time to socialise but I will soon! HUGS!

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