San Francisco: Suburbia and Beyond!

I just wanted to share with all of you some of my travel highlights from my trip to San Franciso.  We stayed around the Redwood shores area which was so tranquil and beautiful.  Surrounded by lots of man made lakes which created the most picturesque suburban scenes right out “desperate housewives”.  The weather was so pleasant and wonderful.  There are so many wonderful dining places in San Francisco and one of my favourites is the Burma Superstar which is always very good.  I was so happy that I was able to go back and eat there again 

Nix and I enjoying the sun and the scene.

I then had time to visit the De Young museum which was having a Bulgari exhibition.  I love this beautiful museum as it is located in this gorgeous area with loads of trees and green.  We then met up with my high school class mate Coralyn who was one of my very first clients as I designed her prom dress back in the day.  I still remember the dress and we had a great time catching up with her adorable partner Ed who i call Mr. Bubbles because he reminds me of Michael Buble’.  Since I was on a catching up mood with dear friends I was able to meet up with dear friends Johnny Francisco and Ding-Dong Pena who now runs a fabulous cafe!  Always a joy to see dear friends and to find the time to do this is a real blessing.

Happy with our favourite travel companion Malu!


Nix and Teenee Chan.


How lovely is it to find this in your backyard?


Lunch at Burma Superstar is always a good idea.


Jon-Jon in FALL colors!


Nix and Jon-Jon on Clement street.


Enjoying SF with Nix.


The park at he De Young museum.


Happy to be able to see the De Young museum again.


outdoor art.


My high school friend Coralyn and Mr. Bubbles


With Nix!


Back to redwood and the views!





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  1. irish says:

    I’ve missed your travel posts!!! :) More power!

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