San Francisco Day 1!

I flew to  San francisco for the wedding on Amanda Carpo whose family I am very very close to.  I am almost considered a carpo sister LOL!  I have never missed any of their family weddings.  What I love about the Carpo weddings is that it has this do it yourself attitude which makes it more special and memorable.

My little pod in the sky. Its very cozy.

I used my accumulated miles on CX to fly to the states which makes it actually a bit longer but I do like flying CX so I really did not mind. I got in quite late in the night and decided to hit Castro immediately.  I knew that my friend Cedric was already in town so we decided to meet up as well as Nix’s dear friends from college and High School. It was really such a great way to be welcomed to SF.

Loved the wide TV screens and movie selection of CX. Too bad I only got to see a few movies as I slept most of the flight.


Landed safely and headed straight to Castro to meet up with my friend Cedric Cid.


We had a great time with friends who welcomed all of us to SF.


NIx and Cedric.


Woke up to see the Bride and groom already ready to take their mooring run. Amanda and Mike are world class triathletes.


My gang decided to head over to the city! Say hi to Malu, Teenee and Joey.


Perfect weather.


Had to have lunch at Neimans.


I really love the stained glass ceiling here.




Say hi to our lunch crew! Dennis, Ton-Ton, Cedric and Malu.


Union Square! Funny how you actually bump into so many Filipinos visiting here.


Malu and Cedric shopping away!

the next day I woke up bright and early and decided to go for a quick run/ brisk walk and take advantage of the amazing SF weather.  Then we all headed to the city to do some errands and grab lunch at the the spectacular Nieman Marcus store which boasts of some amazing stained glass ceilings .  So far it’s been an amazing start for what I have been looking forward to for several months!  A real vacation.

We stayed at Red wood city which has perfect views like this.


Fitness is fashion!!!!


That blue sky!




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  1. msChaCha says:

    we were in SFO the same weekend and totally missed you at the bar you guys went to. my friends went and i decided to skip. so mad at myself right now :(

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