What I love about London is that they have the best museums in the world!My favourite museum in the world has got to be the Tate Modern!   It’s the perfect place for me to get inspired and just fee my soul.  What I love about visiting this museum is that you always get to learn about new artist’s and brand new voices.  This visit to London is turning out to be about African Artists and finding the beauty in that perspective.

I cannot wait to do this for my wall at the House of Laurel!


I wanted to visit the other Tate Museum in this trip and to create a bit of a comparison between the “classic” and the her more contemporary sister.  So I began the day with a visit first to the Tate Britain.  There are actually four “Tate’s” all over the city of London but I only had time to see two.  Perhaps next time I would visit all 4.

The exhibition that resonated with me the most is the retrospective of African artist Ibrahim El-Salahi.  I loved the exhibit so much and I really got inspired from everything I saw.  I am certain that this will somehow inspire my own work and in a way affect my collections in the future.





I love this painting!



Super beautiful colours!





I want to use this as a colour palette for my next collection.




What a great way to present a show? Don't you think?


LOVE Francis Bacon.










This was so funny! At first I thought they were original antique African masks! Then I saw "Ronald"! Do you see him?




CJ was my official art guide!


It was hilarious!




Walked over the Millennium bridge for the Tate Modern.


They were celebrating African artists.











Reminds of Juvenal Sanso.

































I decided just to show you all my photos and show you all what I saw.  I do hope that in someway this inspires all of you too!



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3 Responses to THE TWO TATES!

  1. kiko says:

    There are actually just 2 tates in london, tate britain and tate modern. The other 2 are in cornwall and liverpool. I love tate modeen and wish that one day, I could live there. Lol

  2. CJ says:

    “…Then I saw “Ronald”!… ” I thought, Ronald Ventura. Great images :)

  3. Doris g Rodriguez says:

    Yes inspiring. Muchas Gracias…..’Then I saw “Ronald”…I thought of Ronald Ventura, too hee…hee…

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