The Million People March!

Last Monday I participated in the Million People march in Luneta.  I wanted to be there because I am a Filipino and I love my country!  Ever since I was a child it was ingrained in my consciousness to that we  should always do what is correct and what is just.  I come from a family of Public servants and both my parents come from families who have served our nation with pride, dignity and we have never enriched ourselves from the coffers of the government.  I am very proud of my family’s  history and this is in the end what we are most proud of.

Happy to see my girls marching towards a better Philippines.


My father always says that we may not have the vast richness in wealth but we have a very rich name that is of pure honour!  Ever since the NAPOLES scandal broke I was really upset and hurt from the situation.  I knew that this sentiment was shared by a lot of my countrymen and I had hope that the something should and could be done.

Because I love my country I wanted to peacefully participate in Luneta and show my support and for what I believe in.  I was very happy that there were so many young people in the rally because I pray that my generation is not the generation that would be tolerant and ambiguous to what is happening in our country.  In my heart the process of change must start from somewhere.  The process will be long and arduous hence we should remain steadfast and vigilant.  We hold the opportunity to make our nation great!


It was very peaceful and the energy was positive.

I beseech all of you to not let go of our idealism and just say that we cannot do anything anymore as corruption has been in our system from day one!  This is the wrong attitude and we should always fight for what is right and what is true!


The sentiments of the people.


So many people from all ages.


Ms Gloria Diaz fans her sentiments.


I was so happy that the young people of today care about what happens in our nation.



Nix and I en route to Luneta. We literally marched there due to the roads being closed.


Photo from Rappler!


I love my country and I am proud to be a Filipino!  To all those who went out to the rally Mabuhay kayo!  Let us begin the process of change now!



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  1. john martin linsangan says:

    sir rajo you really inspired my life very much and knowing the fact that your busy person you took time to be part of this million march. sayang hindi ko kaya nakita there para matupad na yung dream ko na makita kayo in person… hehehe lol…. more power sir rajo

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