I have not been to Baguio for more than a decade!  This is really quite sad as I LOVE BAGUIO!  It always takes me back to my childhood. I have many beautiful memories about  the city and each time I think about Baguio I get all so warm and fuzzy inside.  I finally had the chance to go due to the recent long weekend and to several appointments with people that would help me with a very important project.

the most beautiful bowl of fresh Strawberries that the Manor gifted me as I moved into my room was really such a beautiful gesture! This was unforgettable. One of the many many reasons why I cannot wait to be back!


We drove up Friday night and by midnight we were in City of Pines.  I decided to stay at the Manor as the last time I was in Baguio I had a really great time there.  I loved the entire experience and I wanted to have it all over again.  We checked the website and as luck would have it the Manor was having a special and they were offering half prices for the season!  I thought that this was a really excellent sign.

We checked in with ease and after we settled down in our room, the most beautiful bowl of fresh strawberries were delivered to us!  Nothing makes me think of Baguio more than these delicious sweet luscious strawberries! They were the most perfect welcome to one of my favourite parts of my country.  Take a peek into their website and find out more information about the Manor.


I slept like a baby with the cool fresh air and woke up to this amazing view!


I slept so soundly that evening and woke up with the  most beautiful view of Manor’s garden which lead up to the near by mountains.   The weather that weekend was really amazing!  We decided to trek out of the Manor for breakfast and headed to the Hill Station which is the old Vallejo hotel is owned by a family friend Mitos Villareal.   I loved the HIll Station as this place really makes me feel like I the Baguio of my childhood.  The breakfast I had was beautifully done and I really enjoyed it.   I wish I really had more days in Baguio as looking through the Menu of The Hill Station there were so many things that I was really dying to try.  I guess I have to plan a trip back andI pray it won’t take me another 10 years.   Right after breakfast we explored the hotel and  discovered that it is also home to an independent film cinema which I really loved and the most charming little books store called the


I felt so good to be back where so many of my childhood memories were formed.


This is how it looks like with out the filter. Which do you think is better?


Headed up to the Hill Station for breakfast.


I love the Hill Station as I feel like I am transported back in time.


The vibe that morning was super relaxing and the weather was just amazing.


My breakfast! Maple sausages and organic eggs over easy!


As I explored the hotel I noticed this wall leading to a book store and a film cinema.


The Mount Cloud book shop.  I love book and when I see a bookstore I have to come in!  I was delighted with the little bookstore that I was able to get several amazing book about Baguio and there was this amazing 8 volume book about the History of the Philippines on sale!  Needless to say I was really a happy camper.


I fell in love with this little book store called the Mt. Cloud book shop.


It was so charming and filled with lovely books and interesting doodads.


This was the golf course view of Camp John Hay.

Right after that I headed to one of the most exciting and productive meetings that I ever had, I have to keep things under wraps for now but there was something about the weather and the vibe of Baguio that made it all so amazingly creative.  My dear high school friends were in the city at the same time and we decided to meet up for dinner and since the Manor is one of the best places to dine in the city we naturally booked a table.  The reason why the food is so good at the Manor is because of Chef Billy King!

The food in the manor is really so delicious! Check this gorgeous fish and cous-cous dish out?


My high school friends Alby and Maricar Xeres Burgos were also up in the city and we had a really great time catching up and enjoying Alby's delicious wines! Thank you Alby and Maricar.


Alby and I had the same lamb dish which was sensational! Bravo to the chef Billy King!


The very next day Nix and I decided to do a hike. I would really do more outdoor stuff in Manila if only the air was as clean and crisp as Baguio's.


It was so nice to be surrounded by nature.


Although the weather was spotty and cloudy it was still really lovely.


Chef King lorded over the Manila scene for several years and then moved up to Baguio and in my mind changed the way the people ate in the mountains. I had one of the most satisfying meals ever in  his restaurant.  Take a look at my beautiful photos of Baguio and if these does not convince you to drive up and visit.  I don’t know what will?



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4 Responses to Baguio!

  1. aimee says:

    This post makes me want to visit Baguio soon with my family :)

  2. rajo says:

    Go! Aimee! The trip was really wonderful!

  3. Nieves Lim Ledesma says:

    Thank you for the nice words about the Mount Cloud bookshop – owned by Mishi Ledesma Dueñas’s cousins, Padma and Fifi Lim Perez!

  4. Mitos Villarreal Benitez Yniguez says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful photos, wonderful words of encouragement about Hill Station, and all the positive vibes you captured about your whole trip! Your blog really reflects your happy soul and you look gorgeous Rajo! Am sorry I missed you, would love to catch up with you the next time you come to Baguio (and it should be soon so you get more nippy breaks from Manila!). Please call me the next time you plan to come up. Or give me a shout on email. Besos y abrazos,

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