It’s the most anticipated annual SALE that gets all my friends and clients heart flutter!  It’s my birthday month and it is tradition that I hold the biggest sale of the year!  It’s going to be AMAZING as we bring down the most coveted samples and give GIGANTIC discounts that reach 90% off!

Block all your calendars ad the SALE begins on MAY 11 and you only have 2 weeks to get your hands on the BEST DEALS ever!!!!!!  It’s my way of thanking everyone….THAT MEANS YOU READING THIS!!!!!!  Thank you for making it possible to do what I LOVE to do!


So see you all at the HOUSE OF LAUREL for the sale and come early!  As the say the early bird get first DIBS!!!!!   This will be really really FUN!!!!




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3 Responses to MY BIG BIRTHDAY SALE 2013!

  1. Sherwin says:

    I want to purchase items but im from QATAR, is it possible to buy online and ship to my PH address?

  2. rajo says:

    HI! Sadly the sale in not available on line. Will be working on this is the future. Thank you for the comment though. I appreciate it very much.

  3. Sherwin says:

    ah okie! maybe by December i will visit your store… FYI i have different RAJO MAN shoes LOL

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