Our Annual Christmas Party!

One of my personal highlights of the Christmas season is the party that my company gives out to all my employees.  I really look forward to this because it’s one of the few moments out of our entire year that we all are together and no one talks about work.  It’s all about just having fun, eating, dancing, laughing and just enjoying our time together.

Our Impressive number of prizes! No one goes home empty handed.


The corporate culture in our company if structured like a family.  I make it a point to have a very relaxed environment because more often than not we are all under quite a lot of stress. My sister Samantha does most of the planning but happily we now have my cousin Kathy in our company so Sam has now support.  Our company has grown tremendously and it’s a challenge to find a venue that can fit all of us but this year we managed to find one that is both spacious and had loads of natural light.

This was too funny! Check our mugs out? I am the one in the fro.


We start the party with a holy mass which to me is really important and then it is followed by a meal and then the party begins. We are deeply grateful to Ms. Marissa Sanchez for hosting our party year in and year out.  My mother loves Marissa ever since her Kalesa bar days so she is always so generous to us.  This years theme is from the POP band LMAO!  Se everyone was encouraged to dress up like the group!  I found our decorations hilarious as it had my face in an Afro right beside Nix’s  LOL!

That's Nix beside me.


Thank you Marissa for hosting the show!


Some members of my team!


Gosh, I think i need a panoramic shot?


Best in costume contestants.


I love how each one came in their own rendition.




More LMFAO robots.


We gave out prizes for our staff members who excelled the entire year! Here I am with team mates Chantal, Ven, Bernice and Sam!


Thank yo so much to my MAGNUM family! They gave us so much yummy goodness! Truly Luxury in a BAR!


Each year we have a motto contest! This year it was one by one of our beaders from the Made-to-Order group! I chose her motto because it means a lot to me to have the same vision.


Dancing time!


That's Bennet in the front ( with the Afro) She has been with me for almost 20 years!


We had the Jabawoki's! LOL!


Not bad at all!


Then the robot came out!


JLO was there too! LOL!

I just wanted to share with all of you some photographs of the party and how I am deeply thankful and grateful to all my employees.  I always believe that it take team work to make things truly happen and without all of these individuals my dreams will not come true.  I am fortunate that I have them in my life and it’s moments like this that make me truly fee the spirit of Christmas!  Hope your all well and enjoying the holidays!



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3 Responses to Our Annual Christmas Party!

  1. Pidzay says:

    It’s nice to see that a very successful person gave an importance to his employees. A truly generous man. More dresses to sew this 2013.

  2. Congratulations to you and your company for celebrating another thanksgiving Christmas party for all the members of the different divisions. No wonder,God has always been generous to you as you never fail to share your many blessings to those who work for you and your vision. May your company continue to flourish and give employment to a lot of people,especially those who are breadwinners. Merry Christmas and a bountiful New Year to you, your partner, your family and to your company. Please continue all that positive vibe……….

  3. rajo says:

    Thank you Bobby for the comments! I really appreciate it.

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