Pam Q Does Madrid!

One of my favourite persons joined Nix and I in our Spanish adventure!  Her name is Pam Quinones.  For those not in the local Philippine fashion scene she is one our top stylists.  A person whose eye and vision I deeply admire and respect.  She is one of the stylists with true vision.  I can immediately tell if Pam works on an image as it exudes with danger, sensuality and something off kilter that paraphrases her style.   She is also one of the kindest souls you could ever meet and having her with us in our vacation was really a true gift and a blessing.

Style twins rocking printed pants!

We had a few days to spend and bond with each other and happily  the weather cooperated and the sun was out!  We decided trace our steps on our very first day as it was sad and grey so we walked up the Puerta del Sol, then the Plaza Mayor and had what I call a breakfast of champions in the market!   Meaning may rice!  LOL!  Take a look at how chic Pam is and what we did together in Madrid!

A shaded view?!


The Sun's out! YAAY!!!! Oh….in order to achieve Pam's perfect pout slowly say THURSDAY when someones taking a photo of you! Try it!


Beautiful buildings abound.




She is so chic!


Madrid Iconic building which is literally steps away from Pam's hotel.


Puerta del sol on a blue sunny day.


The centre of Spain.


Plaza Mayor!


Tourist shot.


Pam and I.


Hand painted frescoes.


To the market.


Had some of these yummy treats.




Our breakfast of champions!!!!


All done! LOL!


You all have to come to this market when in Madrid.


I love this shot!




Gorgeous girl!


Sat here and chilled!


Pout pa rin!


Had to have some of this! Churros con chocolate.


This freaked me out!


Love the print!




Off to the next destination!




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4 Responses to Pam Q Does Madrid!

  1. Trina says:

    I love her lipcolor! What lipstick does she use? :-)

  2. Tasha D. says:

    Love Nix’s Balenciaga! Pam seems to be short even with her high heeled Alaia boots on or Nix is just tall? haha! I wonder how tall she stands.

  3. Honey Lyn says:

    Just discovered your blog. :) Pam is so chic! Love her lippie. super pout! ;)

  4. Jeana says:

    Hey Rajo :)
    I wanna try her lippie. Can you please ask her for me? Hehe. Thanks!
    And those shades are celine right?
    Hugs from Denmark :)

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