Happy Birthday Nix!

It’s almost tradition that Nix celebrates his birthday with a big trip. In many ways this adventure to Spain is really his big birthday and when the actual date actually arrived it was celebrated with much love and lots of good food! Nix and I were extra happy as our dearest Pam Quinones joined us in Madrid for Nix’s birthday! She was in Paris at the time and she flew to see us. Thank you Pam!

My girls! Pam, Augustina & Fatima.

Having a pre cocktail dinner drink at our hotel lobby. So happy that Pam arrived.

My aunt Celia lives in Madrid and she organised the birthday plans for Nix. She booked us a table in one of the oldest if not the oldest restaurants in the world called Botin. http://www.botin.es/web/?q=en The restaurant’s specialty is Cuchinillo and a host of other ancient but wonderfully delicious spanish dishes that we were all more than willing to sample. I have eaten here once before but to be able to experience this with family and friends is an experience. When you book here ask to be seated in the basement as you will really feel how it was to dine in ancient times.

This is Botin. Looks like a scene from Sweeney Todd. LOL!


BOTIN has been around for a long long time, but still serves really wonderful food.


Nix's birthday crew!


Botin's interiors.


Look at all the piggies ready to be eaten.


Pam off to the dungeon!


Try to book a table here as it is more authentic.

My Aunt Celia did most of the ordering, although I requested for a soup that I always loved! It’s a simple egg soup that they call Sopa Castilana it has a bit of sausage in it too. I love how this soup just takes me to my youth! We had a really happy time going around the restaurant and finding out the main chef is actually a Filipino! He is in charge of cooking the cuchinillo and making sure all the patrons are happy and cannot wait to come back to Botin. Tita Celia surprised Nix with a birthday cake and the entire restaurant joined us in greeting him as he turns another year older.

Meet my lovely aunt Celia! Thank you for arranging this party.


Details that make the place more endearing.


Went back to the kitchen to see the action. BUSY BUSY BUSY!


Loved the cueva feel.


First course some Pimientos con ajo.


Then we had a bit of greens.


Morcilla's and Croqueta's!


My egg and bread soup! YUM!


The main event! Eating like we were in Don Quixote's time.


Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy faces!


Nix's Birthday cake! He turns 3! LOL!


Eveyrone in the restaurant was happy!


It's tradition to take a photo in the stair case.




Meet the head Cuchinillo man in Botin! PINOY POWERHOUSE!!! Bravo!!!!


Passed by Plaza Mayor at night for our next adventure.

After dinner we moved to a second birthday surprise which I will be blogging about next. In the mean time enjoy the photos of Nix’s birthday dinner in Botin. Happy Birthday Nix!!!!


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5 Responses to Happy Birthday Nix!

  1. “He turns 3!” –> LOL!
    Now you got us drooling over those cochinillos… Great post, Rajo! And happy birthday to Nix! :)

  2. rajo says:

    Thank you! I love your blog too! I visit it frequently. I love Williamburg too! Took down notes of the book shop as you found really good deals there! See you around?

  3. liz says:

    hi rajo! i love your blog and i follow your travels unfailingly. i’m arranging our itinerary for our trip to spain this spring. not like you :) we’re working on a (very) tight budget but we are willing to spend for a few very special experiences. may i know, how much you spent (average per pax) in botin? what was your average bill in the tapas bars/ restaurants that you went to? (without liquor because we don’t drink anyway) for the flamenco show, is it really 44euros if you’re just watching the show (without dinner)? i got this info from the website that you provided. anyway, thank you for inspiring us with your enthusiasm. happy pride day to you and nix btw. love always!

  4. rajo says:

    You can spend very little in Spain these days as there are so much good deals! On average you can spend less than 20 Euros a head on meals without wine. Botin depends on what you order but this can set you back like 5o Euros a head. Good luck and have fun! Spain has very good value at the moment, you just have to look out for the best deals!

  5. Tasha D. says:

    Pam looks a lot like a certain fashion blogger. Rumi Neely? Do you know her? Here’s a photo: http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk154/fashiontoast/8-2012/chair2-1.jpg
    She’s a close friend of Bryanboy.

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