Loving Madrid!

What I love about having friends all over all the world is that you get a local perspective of what the city they live in really looks like. Often as a tourist you don’t get to feel an insider’s view of the city. I am grateful and happy that I have Fatima and Augustina to show me around town and take me to their favourite restaurants, walks and shopping destinations.  First stop was this really gorgeous restaurant called LUZI BOMBON http://www.grupotragaluz.com/rest-luzibombon.php  I loved it so much that I really wanted to move in and live there!

The modern facade of this beautiful restaurant called Luzi BomBon.

It was so inspiring that I think Nix and I found our apartment inspiration via this restaurant!  It was so beautiful!  The raw wood mixed in with the rough flooring spelled Scandivian swing with a latin zing!  After surveying the place we settled down and started to order.  I had a salad with some delicious fresh burata cheese and then some spare ribs.  The girls had the paella while Nix had some Tuna Tar-Tar and a pasta dish that was on the safe side. Read….not blog worthy.  LOL!

I love every thing about this restaurant!


Gorgeous interiors!


My girls Augustina and Fatima studying the menu.


I wanted to move in! LOL!


I mean it's so cozy. Like a little warm fuzzy cabin.


I was happy to have a fresh salad.


Nix had the fresh Tuna Tar-Tar with avocado to start. YUM!


The bar!


The girls had the paella.


I then had some beautifully cooked pork ribs.


Happy here at our luxurious lunch.

It was a really nice break to have a nice long lunch with the girls and catch up.  Time is really more a luxury for me as I never take a 2 hour lunch break in Manila.  After Lunch we wanted to explore the city on foot. The weather was still wet, cold and grey but the colours of the trees  in the Retiro park were giving us a bit of cheer.  We then walked along some of the girls favourite shopping streets and then tried to get in the Prado museum but the line was way too long.  So we headed over to the Palacio real then had a coffee break and walked back home.  All in all what I would call a really sweet and lovely  day in Madrid.

Had to walk that lunch and happily the girls agreed.


It was still raining though.


I think this was along the Calle de Serrano. Street art depicting the civil war in Spain.


I liked this poster for the Museo Arqeologico.


Madrid has some really gorgeous design stores. This was was huge!


More than 5 floors!


Tacky tourist time!


At the Retiro park.


Fall colors!


The park is really really big!




Outside the Prado.


Palacio Real.


Teasing Nix! LOL! I love this shot.


Classic bar interiors in Madrid.


They even had a man playing the piano.


Cafe time!


The walk back.


Madrid at night.




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2 Responses to Loving Madrid!

  1. Lovely shots, and one day, I’ll get to see this city, too! :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. cristina says:

    hahaha! natawa naman ako sa picture nyo ni nix sir ( teasing nix)…. Ang KYOOT!

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