OLA Madrid!

I have not been to Madrid in a really long time and a visit to Spain with out seeing it’s capital would be quite unfortunate.  So Nix and I decided to end our Spain adventure at what many consider the centre of Spain.  We arrived in the evening and quickly checked in at our chic boutique hotel called Hotel de Las Letras http://www.hoteldelasletras.com/en/?gclid=CImTk6yL9rMCFW4B4godiCUA_A  it is centrally located at the Gran Via and it is quite stylish but the beds were really not to my liking.  Hotel beds are very important to me as I sleep is really essential to me.

The entrance to our hotel. I liked the location very much.

Our hotel de las tetras had literature printed on all it’s walls.


Our landing


The lobby.


Lots of interesting hearts.


The lobby.


The room! SImple. The beds were not really good though, they had wheels and with every turn the whole thing would move.


The bathroom which was surprisingly large.

We immediately called on my girls Fatima and Augustina to meet up.  These girls are Argentinian but live in Madrid. They took us out to this modern style evening market called Mercado de san Anton. It’s like a boqueira but done with a bit more of a cooler vibe.  It’s a 4 story building filled with many options to eat, drink and just have a great time. Read more about it here.   http://www.hoteldelasletras.com/en/?gclid=CImTk6yL9rMCFW4B4godiCUA_AWhen we arrived it was really bustling with people and we could hardly find a table.  We decided to just hang out int he outdoor bar and have several rounds of gin tonic which is the drink I love and is also the preference of a lot of Spanish people.  Take a look at our first few hours in Madrid!

We dropped our bags and immediately headed out.


Nix with our "girls" Fatima and Augustina.


The eating choices at the Mercado de san Anton.


The view from the top.


Happy to be able to hang out with a really cool gal! See all the boys checking her out? LOL!


We began to order a bunch of stuff.


More tapas bites.




In the company of beautiful women!


I adore her!


We then had drinks on the top floor.


Love that copper ceiling.


The vibe.


Our Madrid crew!


Beautfiful Madrid Airport.


My girls Fatima & Augustina.


Telenovela type!


Fatima “blowing” her hair in the bar!


I love the design of the Madrid airport!





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4 Responses to OLA Madrid!

  1. aimee says:

    Fatima and Augustina are beautiful :)

  2. rajo says:

    They are indeed very beautiful inside and out! RAJO!

  3. Jared says:

    What vibe! Even the airport is extraordinary. Thanks for sharing, Mr. Rajo.

  4. Cher says:

    thanks to your blog, i get to satisfy my wanderlust and epicureanism. keep posting travel and foodie adventures. :)

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