JLO in Manila!

It’s not everyday a super star of the magnitude of JLO comes to Manila! So Nix and I decided to take the plunge and buy tickets to her concert.  Her ticket prices were really expensive and there was a moment that I thought wow?  Do I really want to pay so much to watch  JLO?   All my doubts  and fears disappeared when the show began as JLO really knew how to put on a show!   She was one of the most generous and giving performers that I have ever seen on stage.  I love that fact that she looked liked she was having so much fun and her joy was really genuine.

Excited to see the show!

This proves to me once more that you really don’t need much to put on a show.  JLo’s stage was simple compared to many other artist’s devoid of gimmicks and what have you.  However looking around the faces of the people who came to see the show and the energetic dancing that was happening all around me and the huge smiles that were across all the crowds faces I felt like everyone had a good time.  The Arena was filled to the brim and the audience was composed of people of all ages.  Even my Mom came with my sister and nieces in tow and  they all had an amazing time!  I just want to share with you some of my photos from the show and I was happy to have been able to get a number of good shots of JLo using my trusty Canon S95!  Even if I was more than 100 plus meters from her I was able to get really neat images.

The stage.


The lighting design was impressive.


Grabbed this amazing shot from Jing Monis. He was really quite close!


My seat mates! Divine Lee ( Jume-JLO lang that night? with Victor Basa.


at 815 the Arena was yet to be filled.


Happy to be with Nix and Divine.


The show started close to 9pm.


Opening videos.




JLO rocking the catsuit!




She moved so well.


Really happy that I was able to get decent shots.


I heard her costumes were done by Zuhair Murad.


She really put on a super show!




The back lighting gave me this really cool effect.


Shaking her famous asset! LOL!




Laser light show.


They rigged a boxing ring.


Showing JLO as a prize fighter.


2nd outfit change.


I think that is her new boyfriend Caper on her left.


At 42 her body and her abs were just mind blowing.


I loved that she did her Jenny from the block number.


She reminded me of the legendary Tina Turner here.


Those sequinned blue suits were so fun to watch.


I liked this blue fringe number.


She did a James Brown thing here.


This was my favourite dress of the night.


I love that she picked out a person from the crowd. I heard her name is Anna and she is the PA of Ms. Sharon Cunteta.


I love this gown!


That back detail is killer!


See how it moves?


She then did a beautiful piece as an ode to her twins.


Then she did her lets get loud number!


Someone gave her a Philippine flag and she draped this all over herself. I felt really happy that she did this.


The stage design was really simple.


The lights though were amazing!


I love JLO!


Sadly my battery died after this but I still have every single image in my memory.

Thank you JLO for coming to Manila!  It was a really great show and like what you said on twitter ” see you again soon”!




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3 Responses to JLO in Manila!

  1. wow! Thanks for posting this sir! Love every detail you posted. God bless!

  2. Nissa says:

    First of all, I’d like to say that I’m a huge fan. Your blog posts, especially the travel ones, never fail to inspire me! I always love seeing how a creative person views the world. That said, I hope that you can be a little more careful with spelling. The typos are a bit distracting and make you appear less brilliant and detail-oriented that I know you are! Thank you and more power!

    PS: I’m an English teacher who happens to love fashion, that’s why I notice grammar, spelling and punctuation!

  3. rajo says:

    Thanks Nissa,
    I appreciate it! I actually acknowledge all my grammatical mistakes! Most often it happens as I am in such a hurry to get my blog posts out. I know I should be more diligent and careful and will do my best to make sure not to disappoint my readers. Thank you for the comment as this is really appreciated.

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