Pintxo Crawl in San Sebastian!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to do the Pinxto crawl in San Sebastian!   This little beach town is really a food lovers mecca.  Nix and I were wishing that we both had an extra stomach to be able to eat more.  LOL!  Most of the restaurants that we wanted to try are mostly in the old part of San Sebastian and our hotel gave a list of the “must” places to try.  I for one also did a bit of research and from my memory I wanted to come back to some places.

This is the old part of San Sebastian.

This church was my land mark.

Topping my list are A Fuego Negro   This restaurant really puts the fun in the Pintxo with really intelligent dishes that are not only really inventive, playful and really really delicious.  If I can only eat in one place in San Sebastian it will have to be La Cuchara de San Telmo.   This little corridor of a restaurant literally makes me shake with delight with every dish it offers.  The pigs ear dish was seriously outstanding.  I can still remember the wonderful textures of crunchy, creamy, gelatinous all in one bite!  Simply Sensational!!!!  Next is Gandarias this restaurant leans more towards the classic style pintxos however they have this bacon and  goat creme cheese dish that really felt so luxurious. This place also has touted to have one of the best croquetas in town.

First stop! A fuego Negro who has some of the most inventive pintxo's in town!


We came in early and found ourselves seats at the bar. That towering jamon,brie, dried tomato pintxo was really tempting me.


NIx in front to the bar. The wall had all the menu laid out.


I really like how this was done. Note to self, I want to do this in my next cocktail party at home.


See the head phone with all the cooking utensils. Pretty cool!


Our first dish came which is a really cook burger and chips redefined. The bread is ketchup infused bun with some soft tender beef and some banana savoury fried chips. Nix who is the burger junkie was in love!


I had to put my fingers beside it to show you how really cute this dish is. Read bite size!


We also ordered this octopus salad which was so refreshing. It was perfect with our bubbles!


This was a true highlight for me. A play on tomato and eggs. I can't figure out how they were able to do such an egg dish that is part soufle, part soft boiled egg, part poached egg all good! The dish is encased in this tomato crisp tube that gave a strong flavour to the dish. A long crispy banana fritter provided the needed crunch.


When you break the top the yolk is exposed. It was really a fabulous dish.


This is the cool dining room in the back.


My heart started to beat faster when we found La Cuchara de San Telmo.


This is the small kitchen of La Cuchara. It may be tiny but this kitchen really provides some of the best dishes in San Sebastian.


We stood at the bar.


I immediately ordered the beef cheeks! It was GLORIOUS!!!!


We also had some squid ink pasta which was beautifully flavoured.




I may not be a foie fan but I had to try it as everywhere I read, research, ask told me to have it! It was quite good but I just had one bite and Nix finished it all.


Thumbs up indeed!

Nix and I took a bit of a break and decided to take a walk and a rest with a cool glass of sangria before having one dish at Ganbara  This restaurant specialises in mushrooms and this being the season for mushrooms Nix and I had a field day.  We pointed to the fresh and beautiful  display of mushrooms and vegetables along the bar and minutes later a dish of beautifully grilled mushrooms drizzled with olive oil some fresh herbs and a single  fresh golden egg yolk.    The yolk becomes the sauce enveloping the earthy goodness of the mushrooms.  With all that food we had the energy to literally explore San Sebastian on foot covering it from one corner to the next!  LOL!  Looking back at my photos no wonder San Sebastian is easily one of my favourite places on earth!

Nix and took a bit of food break and walked around the old town. It takes about 20 minutes. LOL!


Then we ended up here.


Gandarias is more of a classic restaurant.


It was also very very busy.


We had this bacon an goat cheese bite that was so decadent it made me blush.


We then had some croquetta's. It was crispy and creamy and reminded somehow of my childhood.


Decided to people watch.


Scenes from the old town.


Nix at the central plaza.


I loved the weather.
I loved the weather.

I loved the weather.


Had some sangria! I mean we are in Spain!


Holilday mode.


Obligatory OOTD shot!


I loved the produce display of Ganbara!


This is their specialty! OMG! It was a WINNER!!!!


Thumbs up indeed!


Remember this sign.


Now were ready to explore.


Loving the blue skies.



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6 Responses to Pintxo Crawl in San Sebastian!

  1. Grace says:

    Bookmarking for my San Sebastián trip!

  2. rajo says:

    Grace! I have an entire list for you!!!! Just text your email address.

  3. rajo says:

    Grace. I just emailed you my essential eating list for San Sebastian! Enjoy.


    Been a fan of your blog for a while. Great tips especially on your travel escapades. I have been travelling a lot too and jusst went to San Sebastian as well last September. It was what I called “food porn” hahaha…It was the best food experience ever…I hope to go back soon.. Cuchara de San Telmo was also my fave!

  5. EUDORA says:

    sir rajo,marami pong salamat sa panahon ninyo na i share ang inyong travel experiences. para nyo na rin akong binitbit sa byahe..btw, like ko po ang silver hair my dad who never wants to dye his hair kasi sabi nya “ang tagal kong hinintay ito.”MABUHAY PO KAYO!

  6. Joe says:

    Thank you for all the tips. My wife and I are headed to San Sebastian in June and your pics got me salivating in anticipation. Can’t wait to try some of these spots.


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