Guggenheim in Bilbao!

The first time I visited Bilbao was for the wedding of my friend Margaret.  One of the highlights of my trip was my visit to the Gugenheim museum.  I did not have a blog then so  I thought that this trip I would take the time out to blog about this beautiful architectural structure designed by Frank Gehry.  The building for me really cemented my love for museums as it really pushes the envelope on how structure and art communicate with space.

Tried to get a full panoramic image of the museum.

The museum first opened it’s doors in 1997 and proclaimed Bilbao as a major destination for design aficionado.   There are several spectacular permanent exhibitions in the museum such as the massive steel structure called “The matter of time” by Richard Serra.  Once you see my photos you will realize how fabulous this sculpture is.  I mean it felt like it was a mile long and 3 stories high!  I mean it was MASSIVE.  I also liked the Jennie Holzer installation which is a discussion and reflection on AIDS.  There is also the iconic Jeff Koons “PUPPY” which is now so associated with Bilbao that it has somehow become it’s unofficial mascot.

Instagrammed it! LOL!


From another perspective.




River views. Steaming?


Jenny Holzer's installation.


Jeff Koon's Tulips.

However apart from the beautiful collection inside the museum it is really the building itself that for me is the real showcase.  Made from very thin sheets of Titanium ( usually used for airplanes).  The building looks like a shimmering gem as light and wind reflect all throughout it’s various angles.  When there, do take the time out to view the building from all it’s angles.  It’s a good walk and really mesmerising!



I think this must be a Kapoor? Not so certain now? Any clue?


Nix's turn! I like his Scandinavian colour vibe.




Nix and I in front of the now iconic PUPPY.

There are always several exhibitions going on at any given time of the year. Nix and I lucked out as they were having a retrospective on Schiele who is one of my favourite artist’s of all time. Too bad photos were not allowed but his work is quite disturbing and a bit menacing.  I love the angularity of his work and the sexual tension that he evokes.   It was one of those breathtaking days filled with so much things to digest and take it.  I am deeply thankful that I was able to see this space again.  Please enjoy the photos!

Happy that there was an amazing Egon Schiele exhibition happening.


Inside views.


This is Richard Serra's massive work.


I wonder if this will work for a fashion show? Paging Robby Carmona!


I love it!


More interior shots.


Love how the light plays with the titanium sheets.


Richard Serra's work from above.


Top views.


On the walk home passed by this modern bridge. Gosh….So many wonderful new monuments in Bilbao.


Nix and the bridge.



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5 Responses to Guggenheim in Bilbao!

  1. EUDORA says:

    sir rajo thank u so much for sharing.magnifico!

  2. eric_j says:

    Yeah … you are right the tower of silver bubbles is by Anish Kapoor… Nice photos but please next time less instagram.

  3. rajo says:

    Thank you for the comments! I appreciate it!

  4. Ella says:

    That is a Calatrava bridge. Check his works while you’re there.
    Hugs from Stockholm

  5. LOve the Guggenheim in Bilbao. Awesome building.

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