Tapas 24!

I was so excited to have been able to experience and eat at Tapas 24.  I have heard only good things about this restaurant and in fact it was the only restaurant that I waited in line for in a really long time.  We waited for a good 30-45 minutes before getting a table.  As they say all good things for those who wait, as we got a really good table and had one of the finest meals in Barcelona.   The restaurant is located in a basement of a building and has a relaxed atmosphere but really buzzing atmosphere.

Look for this sign! I was really surprised to see that it was so close to the apartment we rented. YAAY!

The minute we sat down we all knew what we wanted to order.  After researching and getting several recommendations I knew that I wanted to really try the McFoie burger which reminded me of a more sophisticated flying saucer sandwich. I loved it!  I specially love the rich sauce on the side which was part mayonnaise/aioli.   We then had an assortment of little plates like a salad (Which I was desperately in need of!  I think the Spanish are not too keen on their vegetables?  LOL) It was a small arugula salad on top a very crisp bread served with some lovely shaved cheese.   The baby squid was fried to absolute perfection and was just heavenly.  We then tried this death defying dish of french fries with chorizo and fried eggs!  It was like food that my 10 year old self would gorge on!  It was rich, decadent and beautiful.  The type of food that you would and could only indulge in when on a holiday.  Finally we had The black Paella  which was a tad salty but was delicious none the less as the saltiness died down after several sips of Cava!   Finally we had dessert and we shared this dense chocolate fudge with bits of gorgeous salt on top of it.  I was enthralled, entranced and in food nirvana!

The interiors!


The kitchen was really tiny but oh so efficient.


A full stock bar is always a happy sight.


While waiting in line! I found this menu wall in Tagalog! How cool is that?


The tight and really good menu.


Ordered the basics first. Pan con Tomate.


Croquetas that literally melt in your mouth!


This is the famous Mc Foie. It's basically a take on a burger but amplified to the next level. YUMMERS!!!! I am no foie fan but this was good.


Finally a salad! I was really craving for one.


Beautifully fried baby squid!


Some gorgeous black rice! Those white strips are ribbons of finely cooked cuttle fish.


It was really not a paella but more of a thick risotto.


OMG! This was incredible! A bit too much calories on a plate but it was awesome! Fried eggs over french fries over fried chorizo! YIKES!!!!


Finally dessert! I mean who would not love this dish?!!!!


Just one more for the memories!


I loved Tapas 24!  It’s the kind of place that I would go weekly to if it was in Manila.  It’s the kind of place where memories are built and stories are shared over wonderful food.  Really pleased that I was able to try it. Click here for more information   http://www.carlesabellan.com/tapac24/    Enjoy the photos.




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4 Responses to Tapas 24!

  1. Ria Rañosa says:

    Wow! I soo love looking at the pictures and your comments about their food made me drool even if I’m in front of my favorite sinigang. Thanks for sharing your mouthwatering experience though. I’m always excited about seeing your new food stop. Keep it up Rajo, you’re a genius in everything you do! ♥

  2. rajo says:

    Thank you! This blog is really meant to document my experiences but also to share this with all who care to read it. Thank you for the comment as it is deeply appreciated.

  3. Christine says:

    I love your blog so much because it’s filled with my two favourite things in life: travel and food! I am hungry for Spanish foods now!!

    Thank you Rajo for always sharing :)


  4. rajo says:

    Thank you Christine! What is life if not shared! I appreciate the comment.

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