Our next stop in our Spain trip was Bilbao. We have a friend living in Bilbao and we decided to visit her and and also have Nix take a look at the Guggenheim museum.   The weather on our first day was perfect so we decided to take Bilbao on by foot.  It’s actually quite easy to navigate as you only need to use the river as your guide and your good to go.  Nix and I just wondered around and took the sights all in.  We began at the market  as this is always the soul and spirit of the place.  The market is located at the out skirts of the old town which extremely charming filled with stores that seem to have been around since time started.  I loved walking around the entire old town and witnessed how life went on in this once quiet city of Bilbao.

The lovely airports in Spain! Makes me yearn for things like this back home .

Woke up with clear blue skies!


Nix and our friend Margaret fixing breakfast.


We love Margaret! She is the sister of my best friend Leica Carpo.


Bilbao river views.


I used the river as our guide around town.


Lovely day for a fuchsia pink scarf. LOL!


Nix in front of the town hall.


What an impressive building.


I think this is a Chilida sculpture?


Nix in the old town of Bilbao.


This part of Spain makes the most beautiful children's clothes.


At the market! Say hi to Mr. Piggie!


Right beside it was a church.


We said a prayer of thanks.


Then we went to look for some ham.


Pose muna.


Lovely blue skies.

Nix and I heard that there was a Botero retrospective happening at the Museo de las Bellas Artes Bilbao  and today was our lucky day as it was going to be free!  I have always found Botero’s work amusing with all the rotund shapes and exaggerated proportions.  I felt like he was always channeling his inner child and making light of all the things that he saw and experienced.  It was a great opportunity to have been able to see a huge body of his work in one place making me understand more about the artist and his work.  Take a look at our first day in Bilbao and perhaps get an idea of what you can do there once you visit.

Outside the Botero exhibition.


This is a sample of his work. It was not allowed to take photos but stole one shot. Tee hee!


Outside the museum was a park with lots of street art.


More street art. AMAZING no?


Love the green!




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