La Pedrera!

The La Pedrera or Cas Mila as some people would christen it is an imposing corner structure in the post Passeig de Gracia street in Barcelona.    Since we were living literally minutes away from it  we had to give this a proper visit.  This is one of the last civil projects that Gaudi designed before hiding away in the Sagrad Familia.

A scale model of the building.

It is filled with numerous spectacular design elements that is both enriching and bewildering. I primarily fell in love with the abstract iron work that decorates most of the terrace.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that it was made from recycled scrap metal.   Each wrought iron metal work is different although following the same pattern of thought.

There is an inner courtyard providing light throughout the apartments.


I loved the wall treatments and the fantastic metal gate.


Somehow Gaudi disliked straight lines.


Looking up.


We went straight up the roof deck.


Loving the lines.


Dramatic skies.


Nix- leather man.


Chimneys and ventilation devices.


The view down.


Each decorated item had a proper function.


So happy to be here.


Mosaic art perfected.

I found the entire experience quite charming as they had this replicas of how the apartments would look like from decades back.  My favourite area was the roof deck as you can see how Gaudi’s creative imagination reached a fever pitch on how he designed the chimneys.  One of which was decorated using champagne bottles!  I loved that.

The champagne chimney!


After the roof deck we went down to the dramatic attic.

Scale models defining how the house was designed. AMAZING!


I like this Gaudi technique of using gravity as a design source.


This skeleton provided also a lot of design inspiration for Gaudi.


I can really see this in his work.


They had this gorgeous doll house that rendered me speechless.


The sewing room in the early 19th century.


Nix is in the kitchen.


Cool stove! OMG! This still looks like our stove in our house in Dumaguete! LOL!


The loo!


The view form one of the terraces.


The dining room.


Ang taray naman nito? LOL!


A phone! How progressive.


Nix taking it all in.

When is Barcelona complete the Gaudi experience by coming here and see how to this very day genius is still celebrated and enjoyed.



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