My Love for the Boquería!

My love for the Boqueria in Barcelona is so great that I had to come back and visit it one more time and get my fill of the goodness that they had to offer.  My first stop was Bar Pinotxo.  Easily one of the most popular stalls in the market.  This 14 seater bar is almost legendary and what I love about it is that I have visited it 3 times and each time I come I see Señor Juanito Bayen who is alway present with a ready smile and a steady flow of yummy treats for his patrons.  Read more here

This is Señor Juanito Bayen on the right teaching his young ward on how to do things properly. I have been back 3 times to this place and this man is always there.

Nix and I started our day with a gorgeous garbanzo (chick pea) stew and we had to have some of my favourite razor clams which goes perfectly with the bubbly cava. I could have eaten more but I wanted to try another place in the market called El Quim de la Boqueria   I first spotted this stall on a previews visit and was intrigued by the way the do their egg dishes.  I am an egg fan and I love egg done well.  The menu is very large and confusing so I just looked around and went for my instincts.  We started our 2nd meal with some fried peppers and then ordered the eggs with baby squid.  It was delicious!  I love how the egg became a golden coating over the fricasseed  squid which was tangy due to the balsamic vinegar and then lightly salted.  It was simple and really a dish to remember.  We also ordered a second dish which was like an egg cocktail with dried tomatoes and herbs.  I ordered it as it won an award and everyone was having it.  I thought that it was so velvety rich and luxurious.  I suggest you to order it as it was unusual yet yummy at the same time.

Bar Pinotxo's famous Garbanzo's stew. Hearty, earthy and just plain yummy!


We had to order more of this as it is really our favourite.


I had to order the razor clams here just to check which was better. So far the best for me is the one in Bar Central ( also located in the same market)

This was the winner dish for me! Fricaseed baby squid on top of a fried egg! How can something so simple be so utterly sublime is beyond me!

This place is a MUST visit!


Check out how large these peppers are? Those are my fingers for scale.


Found this place to be quite delicious.


Happy to be able to find a spot right away.


Had to try out the peppers with another glass of cava!


We ordered their award winning dish! It was GOOD!


It was mushroom season! YAHOOO!!!


Spotted a gallery with thread art! Been seeing this art trend the whole year in several countries.


Spotted more home stores that sell really cool stuff.


Nix and I wished we had another stomach because we truly wanted to eat more but we had no more room.  We decided to haul our bodies to the Contemporary museum but sadly it was closed so we just wandered around and explored the area filled with many boutiques and stores.  I love being on holiday as you can just enjoy the pleasures of doing nothing. It is the time for me when I get creative and begin thinking of what I will be doing next? Who knows where one will get their inspiration.  It may just be lurking in one of the photos in this entry.

Went for a walk to the Contemporary museum.


Sadly it was closed.


Very interesting street art! LOL!


I liked the building very much.




Will have to come back and visit another time.


Decided to walk around and visit cool places like the Camper hotel.


Lovely greens.





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