Vincons, Tabula, Montuic and the W!

When you in Barcelona there are some MUSTS that you have to accomplish!  Nix and I were so fortunate that we were able to check our must visits in one day!  We woke up bright and early as there was so much on our to do list!  First stop was Vincons  I really love this lifestyle store as it is filled with so much well curated pieces  and objects the would make any design aficionado drool with delight.  Click here for more information We then met up with my friend Candy Ortoll who has lived in Barcelona for 40 years!    I have known Candy for several years  now and she has been such a lovely client and dear friend.  She served us a proper Spanish lunch at her beautiful home. I particularly enjoyed her collection of Spanish contemporary artists that she has collected all throughout the years.

Woke up to another fabulous morning and enjoyed my breakfast with this view.


Our apartment is very close to the VINCONS store and we fell in love with merchandise! Happy to see my Rhino head here in this cool store.


Amazing sea like creature accessories.


Vincons also displayed a lot of interesting and funny art work.


The store also sells lots of cool furniture.


This is the second floor of this amazing store.


Had to pose inside VIncons. Check out this fireplace. The details are mind bending.


Really cool wall paper.


Nix insided Vincon's art gallery. I thought how cool is this store to have a gallery in one of their floors?

After lunch we headed over to Candy’s store and workshop called Tabula.  Candy and her team restores  and creates furniture.  Tabula brings out the beauty of wood and the time old traditions of classic furniture making. It is so inspiring to be inside a workroom as you can see process of creation.  To be able to see this kind of environment is really inspiring.  I kept on taking lots of photos. It was as if I was in a still life painting.  Tabula sells one of kind pieces and they ship world wide.  Click here to see the beautiful pieces Tabula makes

Nix and I visited our friend Candy Ortoll who showed us her Spanish contemporary art collection.


I loved candy's well chosen pieces.


This art piece was particularly interesting to me.


We went to Candy's store TABULA after lunch.


Here they create and restore the most profoundly beautiful pieces.


I found this lamp really nice.


They also make musical instruments.


I fell in love with their work room.


This is Tabula's work room.


the colors were so beautiful. I was like in a still life painting.


Still life indeed!


Looking around I felt energised.


I really love it here.

Seeing Barcelona at dusk is always a dream so Candy took me to Montuic or the mountain of the Jews which has amazing views of the city. Coming to see the city come alive as day turns into night is really fabulous.  I think this was really a fabulous treat.  I loved seeing the Barcelona port as the views were fabulous.  We then moved down to have a pre dinner drink a the W hotel!  I have always loved the cool vibe of the  W and the Barcelona property did not fail to entice.  we headed outside to take a look at the cool terrace and then went straight up to the top floor for a cocktail or two.  All in all I think we did a cover quite a lot of ground that day and it felt good that we were able to see so much and really get our creative juices filled.

Candy and Nix going up to Montuic.


Barcelona at dusk.


What amazing views!


The port area where lots of luxury cruises dock and sail.


Happy to be here.




Walking down to mountain and loving the light.


Decided to visit the W hotel. I used to have those lamps.


Went outside to see the cool pool. I can imagine how happening this place might be in the summer.


Nice cabanas.


Up to the top for a drink. This place was snazzy.


Cool lighting.


it felt very sci-fi.





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  1. Maria Jacob says:

    Rajo, you spelled musical instruments as musical “interments”. Anyway, love your blog!

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