The Casa BATTLO!

The apartment we rented was in the most central location!  Within a few paces we were already in some of the most important streets in Barcelona if not Spain.  The street is called Passeig de Gracia. In fact the same street has the most interesting block called “The block of discord” where one can see 5 types of architectural style buildings all in a row.  Of all of Gaudi’s work the Case Batllo  has to proven to be my favourite.  Looking at this building which was done in 1877 sends an overwhelming sensory overload.  It was if Gaudi created a fantasy world of mystical creatures.

Looking up the building you can just imagine how Gaudi's mind worked?


It's simply fascinating!


As you enter the house you first see this amazing stair case that reminds me of a vertebrae or a water wave. Can you imagine that this is made from carved wood?


Each item in this home was designed by Gaudi. From the chandeliers to the wall paint finishes.


A sceptre like sculpture decorates the steeple.


I was listening attentively to the audio guide.


The main room with the decorated divider.


I loved this whirlpool ceiling.


So happy to be here.


Light fixture detail.


Look at the subtle colouring of the stained windows.


The centre of the building has this patio that illuminates the inner rooms.


A small model of the home.


This is the Battlo family.


Photos from the time the family used it.


Mosaic detail design in the interior courtyard.


Photo just for scale.


Color detail.


How the indoor garden looked liked then.


I loved Gaudi's chair designs. You can actually order them to this very day.


The attic which looks very space age like to me.


I like the stair wells.


Went all the way up to the top of the building. Happy that the weather was fabulous.


Nix and I loving the Gaudi experience.


The terrace with a multitude of textures and colours.


So inspiring.


Me at the attics.


Expensive miniature chairs.


Last shot before leaving the house.


If your in Barcelona and you like design and architecture…DO NOT MISS this house!


It really is a wonderful sight to behold and everywhere I looked I was in a state of amazement. Nix and I took our time in exploring the entire house and left inspired by the  wild imagination of Gaudi’s genius.  The photos will show you the reason why this is easily my favourite Gaudi work.  ENJOY!



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  1. Trina says:

    You write such awesome entries! I always look forward to your blog after you’ve gone on a trip. Keep it coming :-)

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