Hanami Holiday 2012 BTS of the Look Book Shoot!

Creating a look book is essential in presenting any collection.  It gives everyone a tangible experience to the collection.  For the collection of THE HOUSE OF LAUREL holiday 2012 we all decided to go to JAPAN!  For several months now all our energies were focused on this collection.  We have been working on this for more than 6 months and I am happy to show all of you some behind the scenes action from our LOOK BOOK SHOOT!

Found our RAJOMAN image model Stephan!

We begin the process by creating our cast.  This means we have to book all the  key team players for the shoot.  People like the photographer, make and hair stylists, models, etc.  I am so happy that we were able to get Enzo Mondejar to shoot our collection.  I have worked with him before and I like how he composes his images.  He is really a talent that one should take notice of.



His tattoo sleeve sealed the deal for me.


This was our back drop!


Martin checking the back drop for scale.


I love the flowers! Incidentally HANAMI means flower watching in Japanese.


I already knew that I wanted to cast Jodilly and Irish for the look book.  I think they have this dynamic energy about them and seeing them work together is such a thrill.  It was also the first time we will be using 2 girls for the look book shoot so the effect could be very exciting.  We could not find the perfect model for our RAJOMAN line till the very last minute.  Good thing that we were able to find Stefan who is from Australia but has a real strong Japanese vibe.  What made me go for him was actually his beautiful sleeve tattoo!  I thought that it was perfect for our theme.


I am in LOVE with the new collection of YEKKY! MIADORE new bug collection!!!!!


About to start!


Our new accessories exclusively for the HOUSE OF LAUREL is too die for!!!


Stefan in action!


I think everyone needs our modern version of hakamas, the OSAMU PANTS!


Beautiful bugs! I have always loved insects!


These modern peonies are just gorgeous!


The make up team was from the very talented pool of MAC cosmetics, Jarwin Manosa. Hair was done by the talented Mark Familara! They did such a great job!  I am deeply grateful to MAC for all the support that they have been given me!  I think that their make up is fabulous!  I usually do all the styling for all the look book shoots but this time around I wanted to shoot with a FRESH eye!  My stylist for the Holiday collection is Yves Camingue. He is an alumnus of Project Runway Philippines season 3.  I really loved how he would put his own clothes together and because of this invited him to style my shoot way before we cast anyone.  I was so happy with his styling as it gave a new perspective to the collection which is always very good.  I would also like to thank SM Parisian and SM Milanos for the use of my shoes that I collaborated with them.  All the shoes were absolute perfection!




Thank you SM PARISIAN for the shoes!!!


Stefan and Yves!


Flowers for Hanami!


Stefan's Tat!


The set from above.


We had to shoot 3 lines that day involving almost a hundred looks.


Irish in a blue number.


More accessories for the holidays!


The cover shot!




I love it when my dreams come alive.


HANAMI! Holiday collection 2012 for the HOUSE OF LAUREL


When styling, options are very important!


Making sure everything is perfect!


Enzo in action.


I love these dresses.

Finally I would not have been able to do this with out my sensational team!  Bravo to Martin, Michelle, Cher, Sendo, Christine, Judy, Viola and Maning!   You are all so amazing and this translates so easily on the images that we all created together as a team!   Do take a look at what we did that beautiful creative Sunday!


Thank you to everyone in the team! I am so excited to show you all the finished photos!



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One Response to Hanami Holiday 2012 BTS of the Look Book Shoot!

  1. I’m so excited to see the final outcome of this photo shoot. <3
    well you are one of the Designers that knows how to brand themselves w/c is really important if you want to compete internationally, and i know one of these years you'll be known as one of the greatest Pinoy Designers in the international scene. really proud Pinoy.
    PS: love the new SM Milano collection. :)

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