My Rajo for Wharton Barongs!

A few of you might not know that I do this special collar for Wharton that specialises in Barong Tagalogs.  It’s always a nightmare to get some well designed barong tagalogs. Now I can seriously say that the wait is over.  Head over to SM stores nationwide where my barongs are as I type being delivered.

This is our model Keane. Check out the space invader alien embroidery.

I wanted to create barongs that strike a balance between tradition and modernity.  I tweaked the proportions a bit by shrinking the length and slimming the pattern down.  I also used well loved computer games as the basis for my embroidery. If you look closely you can see the images of Tetris, Pacman, Space Invaders and what have you.  I used to spend hours on these classic games when I was younger so I had to incorporate them in the collection.

Melvin Mojica did a fine job in styling our model. I love the modern adaptation of the farmers cravat. The embroidery is inspired by the pacman video game. Remember where the pacman would move around to eat the ghosts? LOL!

I love the subtle horizontal stripes in between the weave of the fabric.

The TETRIS barong!

More Space invader inspired embroidery.

Everyone has to have at least two barongs in their wardrobe!

The fabrics I used for this also is quite modern by using a blend of Jusi, Silk, and Viscose. Thus making our barong less prone to creases and in many ways looks more modern.  The price points are also extremely friendly making this one of the best  STYLE STEAL DEALS in town!  Everyone should have  a couple of barongs in our closet I suggest you now make it my barong for WHARTON!


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  1. Willie Obien says:

    Hi!Just want to inquire on the prices of your modern formal barong. Would you be able to email me the pictures with their prices. Would you deliver it overseas (Australia). I need it by end of May and use it for the Philippine Independence Ball. Thanks and looking forward to your immediate reply.

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