What is “W”?

I have been quietly working on another collection for WHARTON which I christened “W”!  The brand started out as a line that catered specifically for the working man.  A brand that could be depended on for work classics and basics.

Here I am busy selecting fabrics. I always am quite sensitive to this as fabric is the most important part of the design process.

I came in and immediately wanted to broaden this niche and create a kind of menswear line that has this intellectual edge to it.  The WHARTON  brand has always had the best quality money can buy and I can attest that their stitching and tailoring skills are truly spot on.  What I brought to the table is a sense of fun and playfulness.  I did however wanted it to be very discreet and almost personal.  It was like a secret between the garment and the wearer, thus making the garment more special.

It takes me several hours or days to create a collection.  I usually begin with a “story”.  For this collection I was inspired by a recent painting acquisition done by young contemporary artist Keiye Miranda called : The sky is falling.  It speaks of a youth revisited and how one should never forget the aspect of play other wise we end up destroying the joy of life. I loved the colours of the painting and what it stood for.  This started the collection.

From there I look for fabrics, then sketch some ideas and then create prototypes, fit this, tweak the prototypes and then decide on the production. While were doing this we shoot a look book and a way to create some tangibility from all these crazy ideas that we have in my head.

I need to concentrate.

Here I am checking the line sheets making sure I strike a balance in design and functionality.

I then sketch away.

The collection is targeted to creative individuals like gallery owners, artists, architects etc.

From the sketch we then make technical sketches that we transform into flat patterns.

My tools!

A peek from our new look book.

Explaining to our model what the collection is all about.

I then gather my creative team and have a lot of fun putting it all together.  I often end up using the people that I love and work with from the past like stylist Melvin Mojica who gets me all the time.  I just love how he takes a look at me and says “Gets ko na!”

I however like to work with young energetic “kids” like photographer Jav Velasco who really did a great job!  My sister Gela  and her team did the grooming so that is always fantastic.  Take a look at some of the images that I collated while working on this new collection “W” which is going to be available exclusively to SM stores nation wide.  Hope I get to see you on twitter or Instagram wearing the new collection?


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4 Responses to What is “W”?

  1. thelitroboy says:

    rajo, maybe you could make plus size apparel din… im sick of the boring choices here in the philippines… me as a ”big” person wants to look chic and sartorial too!!! :)

    congratulations on your new collection!!!

  2. Odessa says:

    Hi. This is a totally unrelated question. Do you happen to know who Kelly Misa was wearing at the Red Cross Ball? Was it yours? Because Tyra Banks wore the same gown to her Flawsome Ball several days ago.

    I tried googling it but there was no mention of the designer. And I got to say, I think Kelly Misa wore it better.


  3. rajo says:

    Big sizes for men! Come to The House of Laurel! My RAJOMAN line has bigger sizing! Thank you for the comments.

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