The Claudio Bravo Exhibit!

I can’t remember when I first heard about the artist Claudio Bravo however when I first saw it I knew I had to know more.  It was in one of those early fashion magazines in the early 80′s.  We did not have the glossies then.  It was a feature on Imelda Cojuangco and behind her was her portrait.  It was nothing like anything I have ever seen in my life.  I was enthralled.  Later in my career I was fortunate enough to have  the opportunity to design gowns for Mrs. Cojuangco and I boldly asked her if I could see that portrait I had seen when I was 14 years old.

A huge heaps of thanks to Ms. Sandra Palomar who kept the museum as few ore minutes open as we were all late due to traffic.

She was kind enough to arrange a lunch at her home for me to view the portrait.  After lunch I was led to the painting and I was in awe!  It was the most beautiful painting I have ever seen in my entire life!  I was immediately inspired!  Ever since that moment I was always looking out for more information about Claudio Bravo and finding more pieces of his work while he was in Manila.

Fast forward to 2012 and Claudio Bravo’s work is on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum!  My excitement could not be contained.  I failed to attend the opening however since it has opened I have been back twice and made another visit to take my friend from NYC Izzy Tuason who is the mind behind one of my favourite blog sites  I knew that he had to see the exhibit.  I called my dear friend Mrs. Tina Colayco who was kind enough for me to take my friends to the Museum and was given permission to take a few photos.

Here is Izzy and his friend Ordaveza.

Mrs. Imelda Marcos with her parasol.

One of my favourite portraits in the exhibit. I was blown away with the details.

Izzy entranced with Sandra's anecdotes.

The hand gestures were just so beautiful.

I loved the use of colours for this portrait of Chona Kasten.

This was perhaps a sign of his new life in Morroco. He moved there after his short stay in the Philippines.

One of my personal favourites. I love the wrapped head in fabric.

Most of the world knew Claudio Bravo's work to look like this.

AMAZING!!! I felt the small hairs in my back tingle when I first saw this.

Hyper- realism at it's finest.

The beautiful exhibition of Claudio Bravo!

Boy in Turban who was one of the staff of Luis Araneta where Claudio Bravo stayed when he was in Manila.

One of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen in my life!

I loved the detail of this painting. Filled with so many interesting objects.

It was a really lovely experience seeing all his works all to ourselves.  It felt so luxurious.  A huge heaps of thanks to Ms. Sandra Palomar who was so kind enough to take me around and share more information about the paintings and Claudio Bravo.  The Exhibit ends on Oct 17 and I am not sure if this collection will be ever viewed again as I am sure it took a lot of time, energy and work to get all the paintings from all over their private owners homes.  I just wanted to share the experience with all of you as this is really one of the most talented artist’s I have ever seen.  Take a look and be inspired.


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3 Responses to The Claudio Bravo Exhibit!

  1. NYCMama says:

    Hi Rajo! How beautiful! Who is the couple with the chess set? The faces are familiar but I can’t place them!

  2. rajo says:

    Lindy Locsin and his wife

    • NYCMama says:

      Ah yes, now I see it! I recently visited the home of a Collector of Latin American art here in NY and found a Claudio Bravo painting in there, one of the “packages “! This green one is more compelling though. Thanks for posting Rajo!

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