I LOVE SHOPPING!  My sisters love to shop!   Actually almost everyone I know love to shop!  It’s one of the most stress relieving activities that I know.  I have always thought that it was a great idea to already give the invited audience an opportunity to get their hands on the merchandise!  I think it’s a win-win situation!  I always try to incorporate this in all my endeavours and it makes the event incredibly fun and memorable.

OMG! My babies will go to gorgeous homes! I spot Michelline, Nicole and Jerica! Thank you sweeties!

This shopping extravaganza was exactly what happened  during my shoe collaboration!  I loved looking back at the photos taken by Jujiin and just seeing the faces in the crowd, some familiar some not but seeing their excited eyes and happy smiles is really worth all the hard work and effort.  My prayer is that this kind of reaction, energy and excitement is carried over to the rest of the SM stores nationwide.

My lovely Cardizon gals!


Men’s shoes on display!


Happy that I had prepared a catalogue for those serious shoppers!


See the smile?!


Shopping pandemonium!!!! I LOVEEET!!!


Go girls get your Tao!


Lots of shopping going on!




Even the boys get into the action!


I see Mikael Daez!


Interview muna!


OMG!!! The winner is……. Candy Dizon! I LOVE YOU SWEETIE!!!!!


My Mom’s fabulous friends!


Kate and Divine! Love you!


Pia Romero and the Tao!


Lovely clients of mine, I feel the love!




Me my Mom’s lovely friends! Thanks for the support!


Robby! I can’t thank you enough!


Thank you Mond!


The newly wed Escuetas once again!


Thank you Say Alonzo!


OMG SAM MILBY! Thanks for coming buddy!


Me and the wonderful SM Team! THANK YOU!

Again my deep and heartfelt thanks to all those who came, braved the traffic and made the effort to come!  I really really appreciate it!  To my SM family!  Thank you for the incredible support!  You all are so amazing!  This is our success!  Thank you Eugene, Nico, Christian, Joyce, Karen, Rosauro, Naomi, Felanie, Rina and everybody!  Thank you to the SAGA team!  You guys ROCK!  I can’t imaging doing what you do 4 to 5 times a week!  I would faint!  LOL!  Finally to my House of Laurel team!  Thank you!  I am immensely blessed because of all you!  Congratulations Ven, Matet, Kathy, Sam, Cher, Michelle and Martin!  I really am thankful to all of you!

Now may I encourage all of you dear readers of my blog!  Run to SM now! Check the shoes out and make yourselves happy!


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  1. docgelo says:

    hi rajo! i like that milanos boots worn by your male model on the poster on your right sidebar here. if only i can fly back to manila now and head to sm to buy or better if you can export your shoes here in penang. will you make them available online?


  2. rajo says:

    Thanks DocGelo! Have a friend or relative get you a pair or two or four! LOL! They are really the best style deal steal ever! Thanks for the comment!

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