Have you ever wished to have a clone? Sometimes I do! Because I do so many things often at the same time, I wish I had another set of arms or legs just so that I can get the Job done quicker and more efficiently.  This was exactly the case during the launch of my new shoe collaboration for SM Parisian and Milanos. Apart from making sure all the things backstage were going on as planned I wanted to take photos for my blog! Almost impossible!


Thank you everyone!

Good thing I was blessed with friends like Jujiin Samonte who  I lent my camera to and took these photos!  Thank you Jujiin!  These photos were a few personal highlights from the event.  I was really so grateful and happy that it went so well.  It is always so daunting when coming up with events as there are so many out there and the only thing that we can do to make it different is to make it as fun and as personal as possible.

Callum David is one of the most talented DJ’s in town!
He is so cute too! Tee hee!
Happy that our guests really came in theme.
Looking like a warrior! Jujiin!
I love it!
Cute coloring!
My greeters!
Happy gals tweeting/instagramming away!
This woman was so captivating. I learned from my staff that her name is Yamani!
Myrza Sison!
The Escuetas!
Franco Laurel!
Ian and Joey!
Yaay! Thank you Nix, Cristalle and Garlic! Thank you for coming!
My Preview girls! I LOVE YOU!!!! Pauline and Agoo!
Drummers begin the show!
My thinspiration! Mond!
Killing the neo-Japonaisse look!
Eugene Saw is the brains behind all of this! Grateful to him!
Congratulations to his being a daddy!!! So many blessings.
Mond and Eugene!
The audience awaits.
Alex strikes a pose!
Unveils the shoes!
The men’s line comes out first.
I love this Aikido pant! Coming soon at House of Laurel!
Playing with new proportions for men.
Vince, Sam and Alex!
Check out my shoes!
Say hello to Vince! Such a gentle giant!
Ashley did a great job!
Wowing the crowd!
Ashley does her thing!
The stage!
Jodily is LOVE! She is my current favourite!
My signature black fan makes an appearance!
Ria looks so amazing!
I love this!
So dramatic!
Back detail of Jasmine’s cotton and voile Kimono.
I cannot believe that I have known her for so long. I met her and she was only 15 years old!
I love the hair details!
I was really so shocked to see so many people!
I hope I was able to thank everyone.
My models! Jasmine, Ria and Melissa!
My beautiful Geishas!

That personal touch is what makes all the difference!  Do take a look at some of the images from that magical evening!


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2 Responses to RAJO! x PARISIAN + MILANOS! Highlights from my SHOE LAUNCH!

  1. Rain Avanzado says:

    Congratulations! You are such an inspiration. More power! Awwwwwwww!!!

  2. rajo says:

    Thank you Rain! I appreciate it!

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