RAJO! x PARISIAN + MILANOS! What Happens Before the Curtain Rises!

I write this a full 12 hours after one of the most heartwarming events that I have ever been part of.  It is the day after my shoe collaborations with one of the biggest retail institutions in the Philippines!  SM! To have been able to be part of their family is at once an honour and privilege.

Looking like gorgeous Geishas!

Together with my team and the very dedicated and hard working team of the SM group, we have been diligently working on this for the past 7 months and finally it has come to fruition.  What really makes my heart filled with joy is the pure validation of seeing so many people wanting, buying, yearning, loving what I have created!  To see the smiles of the SM sales crew as they proudly sell my designs, to see the cashiers so busy punching out the receipts.  To see the stock room boys running around in the back making sure we get all the sizes to clients is really quite the experience.

However before all that we have to prepare a show!  A spectacle, a dramatic exposition of what is running in my head!  It is imperative that as designer we are able to express this visually to the audience however before this occurs a multitude of tasks occur.

Before a show. It is important to fit the models! I took out my vintage OBI collection for this show.


I did take a quick lesson in Obi tying once but most of it was really just self taught.


Each time I am in Japan I have to get a few sashes and kimonos.


Here is VInce in one of the samples for what is about to come for RAJOMAN! Holiday collection. I love it!


Sam in one of our look options.


A second option.


I loved this sweater from our current collection and I felt it works with this ensemble? I am still not sure about the shoes at that point.


That’s Melvin Mojica hours before the show! I asked him to help me style the dancers and the greeters for the show! I love working with him as his presence makes me at ease.


I love the video walls!


Say hi to Paulo! Together with his partner Jujiin he did the video!


I was happy to have been able to have Eric Manningat to do my make up for the show!


I was really lucky to have Sam and Vince for my models! These busy boys make my girl/gay friends swoon!


We had these fabulous Japanese drummers!


This was the selling area! I love the moving coloured discs.


The stage!


These things move and create such visual delight.


The videos for the stage was sensational!


OMG! We had so much space! I was so anxious that I would not be able to fill the space out.


Model blocking/rehearsals!


Jujiin looking like a Japanese Prince! I love his style!!!


Happy I was able to get to do these Japanese graphics.


Melvin prepping his part of the show!


The amazing Robby Carmona who is unstoppable! He has had shows at least 4 times a week this past month!


The Addlib dancers!


Thank you Posh nails for the beautiful manicure and pedicure of my models! It’s a tradition of mine to have my models pampered and well taken cared for during my shows!


I stopped by the Stock room to check out my boys! They are so important in the sales process.


The dancers get their rehearsal time!


I wanted Ashley who is a famous Cosplayer to be part of the show! She was so cool to watch!
Rehearsals with Alex!
Jodilly in her green Sayuris.
Irish, closing the show!


Say Hi to Sam!


Robby’s meticulous eyes never left any stone unturned towards perfection!


Bizu did the cocktail catering service! These light box reminded me to Tokyo.


Dancers doing their acrobatic skills!


Ashley rehearses.


These are the sales team that hours before the show I gave a pep-talk too! They are so very important in the entire process!


Backstage action!


I then dressed up the models! Back OBI detail.


I love Ria Bolivar!


My new fave Jodilly who happens to be the face of my Parisian collab! I still have to see the billboards!


Jodilly and Val!


My japanese collection for men!


I love these girls!


Thank you Mond for hosting the show!


It’s showtime!


Beaded detail!


Thank you Martin! I really appreciate all the help!


Michelle and Martin with the models!


Minutes before show starts! My models emote! LOL!

In this entry let me take you on a visual diary of sorts as to what occurs behind the curtain.  A peek as to what it takes to come up with a show!  It really takes a village, an army to create fashion!  These photos are perhaps proof to this!  Enjoy!



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4 Responses to RAJO! x PARISIAN + MILANOS! What Happens Before the Curtain Rises!

  1. Alaric says:


  2. rajo says:

    Thanks Alaric! Show this to your sister! I think she will love it! Hope to see you real soon?!

  3. Christine says:

    Congratulations Rajo and thank you for sharing! Amazing clothes and shoes :)

    Ang gwapo ni Vince ;)

  4. rajo says:

    Thank you Christine! I appreciate the comments!

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