I am huge film aficionado!  I am in love with the moving images and a great believer in the power of the medium.  Ever since the start of my career I have always developed a desire to capture the essence of what I do in a film/video format.  I remember in 2001 doing a film with Sarah Meier and in many ways that was really unprecedented.  From then on I have always created a video story on pivotal moments of my career.

This collaboration with the SM group is no different!  I asked my “kids” Jujiin Samonte and Paulo Castro to create a video paraphrasing the collection.  I love working with these super creative young men because they are so passionate!  Their energy and vitality is so infectious.  I also love working with them because they really get me!  I guess because we have worked together for so long I don’t need to worry about them not getting what i want to convey.

I asked Jujiin what he was thinking of when he was doing the short film and he told me that it was story about a man going to war and in the process leaving his wife.  It was really uncanny that this was what he based this film on.  As the collection is an homage to my grandfather who was a prisoner of war in Japan during the occupation.  He also left my Lola during this very difficult period in our families life.   I loved the films treatment and the tension of love and war is always so poignant.

Please enjoy the video!




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2 Responses to HANAMI! RAJO! x PARISIAN + MILANOS! The Video!

  1. Hi Mr.Rajo! I am really excited about your new collaboration with Milanos! I am your fan and I want to be like you someday. I wish you all the best and may God give you what you really deserve! Thank you for inspiring the Filipino youth :-)

  2. rajo says:

    Thanks Donnico! Dream do come true! Just work hard, persevere and keep the passion in your heart! Thank you for the comment! Check out the shoes! I think you will love them!

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