RAJO! x PARISIAN + MILANOS! The Campaign Shoot!

One of the most important aspects in fashion “branding” is creating a strong visual message that will entice, excite, seduce and draw the market in.  All major brands all over the globe take great strides in providing the most alluring visual imagery that everyone should be lusting over.  This is called the “CAMPAIGN”!    I am so fortunate that I am able to really materialise the fantasy and dreams that are in my head and turn all of this into a really.

We had a full day ahead of us! We were going to shoot several lay outs plus a video. Happy that we got all our accessories prepared.


As you can see he have two themes to convey. Black and White!

For my collaboration with PARISIAN & MILANOS I really wanted to be able to define that Japanese Aesthetic that I have been so obsessed with through out my life.  Harnessing this love for the Japan and translating this into how I see it on the Modern Filipino.

Meet my very talented artists who did such an amazing job with the tattoo! Thank you Jan Fresco and team!


The star of the campaign! All ready to go!


That’s my sister Gela with our model Kseniya. She flew in a few days earlier just for this campaign. How grand is that?!

Together with my fabulous team headed by Vince Uy we created a two stories based on the duality of Black and White!  For the White suite we wanted to do a paradox of orientalism as we cast caucasian models.  The results were fantastic! I was so happy with my sister Gela Laurel-Stehmeier’s make up!  It was so exciting to have been able to fly in our model Kseniya straight from Russia just for the shoot!   She modelled really well and we were so happy with the results.   We created modern adaptations of the Kimono, balancing this with my collection of vintage obis and sashes that I have been collecting ever since I was teenager.  

My artists at work. It took them a good 4 hours to finish the design. So grateful to Jodily for being so patient.


I love tying OBIS! Of course this is my own take at it.


I love working with Vince as his sense of imagery is so striking.


Ready to go! My WHITE geisha!


Tatoo detail!




A virtual village was present to make sure that everything was perfect! This is what I call a true fashion army!


I loved how Kseniya would move.


Bravo BJ Pascual! You did it once more! Thank you so much!


Kseniya being coy.


Don’t you just love those acrylic hair pieces?


Jodilly almost ready to go!


Kseniya’s second look!


Here is Daniel with my hair and make up team!


Happy to have been able to book John! I mean this man is so busy!


I wanted him tattooed as well!


Emote muna! LOL!


John’s tattoo in process.


Daniel strikes a pose!




The white suite!


Behind the scenes.


I love this photo as you can really feel what happens during shoots like this.

For the black suite I wanted to be more dramatic and played with the idea of the Japanese art of Tatoo.  We were able to find the most talented young artist Jan Fresco.  He was amazing! I was in awe as he was able to create the most beautiful true to life  tattoo patterns. I really enjoyed seeing Jodily and John being transformed into this mystical Japanese characters and having them imbibe the entire spirit of the collection.

Gela’s work – up close!


Jodilly ready to shoot!


Thank you Gela! I really appreciate it!






What happens behind the lens.


It really takes an army to make this all happen!


Meet my last Samurai! John!


I really love it!




Such a beautiful man!


He is so nice as well.


Getting into character.

To amplifying the entire experience I asked my friend Jujiin Samonte to create a video for the campaign.  Together with Paolo Castro they were able to capture in film what I wanted to convey.  I have always believed in the strength of moving pictures and because I have been working with Jujiin for many many years I am confident that he will be able to express exactly what experience we want to share with all of you.

Jujiin and I both love Japan and was fortunate to have been able to travel there together at one point in our lives.  I am really so excited to show all of you what they were able to do.  Thank you Jujiin for your talent.

Capturing the images for the campaign I relied on one of my favourite photographers BJ Pascual!  This man is really a phenomenon!  At his young age his eye is so well developed and his take on light and shadows really is so evolved!  I am so fortunate to have been able to work with him once more.

Jodilly does her thing. She is really turning out to be one of my favourites.


I jumped in there! LOL!


Emote muna! LOL!


John getting his directions.


A still from the video! Check out those silk slippers! So covetable! It has my family seal!!!!


A story evolves.

A deep sense of gratitude also goes to my own TEAM!  Thank you so much for always being there to support me and my vision!  Bravo goes to all of you as well! Martin, Viola, Tin and Rubilyn.  Maraming maraming SALAMAT!

Now! Do enjoy the behind the scenes photos of what it takes to create a campaign for my newest collection for PARISIAN & MILANOS!  Enjoy!


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4 Responses to RAJO! x PARISIAN + MILANOS! The Campaign Shoot!

  1. cory says:

    Hi Rajo! I believe that the tattoo artists is from my alma mater, PWU. Are they not? But I don’t know their names but I’ve seen them around. And yeah, they are really talented. I think that the guy in black is my friends crush is forever. Haha… Kakakilig naman to. Looking forward to more blog posts and welcome to your new home.

  2. i626leo says:

    Good Job for those who made the Tattoos.. That’s very good to the eyes.. Great models too.. Kudos to the TEAM!

  3. rajo says:

    Super thanks for the comments! I really appreciate it! Please support the line! It’s going to be amazing!

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