RAJO x PARISIAN/MILANOS 2012! The Design Process!

I have learned that making shoes requires a completely separate skill from dress making.  You have to take so many things in consideration.  Things like balance, weight, proportion etc.    My first foray in shoes took me almost a year to finalise  every single design into realisation.  During that period was like a baptismal of fire as there were challenges presented to me and my team left and right.  I am actually glad that those challenges occurred because I am now better equipped to handle this brand new collection.
Material’s galore! It was a daunting task to narrow it all down.
Now that that on my second collection for women my design process was faster and far more efficient.  I travelled immediately to see my samples and from there tweaked, modified, revised and composed a more cohesive collection.  As a creative person ideas really flow like water, the challenge is to distill this and create a strong vision and define what my clients will be responding to.  Happily the SM team is so in tune with the market so it was literally a breeze.
My shoe samples all lined up! I am so excited as the were like candy!!! Now is the time to edit!
I tried to finish the collection in one day so I was in the office for more than 10 hours! Good thing there was sustenance

I love these evening slippers inspired by my Lolo’s own pair.

Here I am personally choosing each and every material.

I loved this shoe! Too bad it did not make the final line up. Maybe next collection?

The obi- boot in process. Still lots of things to modify.

This heel turned out to be beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!
This collection is definitely more daring and design driven.  The designs are braver and cutting edge.  My love for architectural forms are still very evident however this is softened by japanese knots and bows.  The colors a quite delicious with hints of deep cherry’s and rich plums.  I have also this amazing green Japanese brocade that will excite even the most jaded fashionista.  I introduced a bit of metallics in the collection and I was really pleased with the discovery of a rose gold material that just makes me smile each time I feel it.  Speaking of textures I created these beautiful “loafer’s” inspired by my men’s collection but did it in silks, velour and and metallics.  I am just so excited for you all to see it. Here are some of my sketches:
I am really so excited to show you all my men’s shoes!  It is the very fist time I ever did something like this!  Because it was my fist time I wanted to do a very personal collection.  I wanted to create shoes that I would personally love, crave, be seduced and wear.  It’s really a different process from the woman’s shoes as I designed most of the women’s shoes from a very visual perspective. While my collection for Milano’s had me thinking what I wanted to wear during the day, at the office, travelling, going to an event, a wedding? 
I always loved a great boot!

I still need to tweak this but so far so gorgeous!

I wanted to create an evening shoe incorporating a metal blade element, like that of a samurai sword.
In total I originally came out with around 25 designs and finally edited down to 13 designs averaging 2 to 3 colour variations.  What really impressed me the most were the final price points of my designs because I was literally floored when I flipped the tag.  I won’t disclose  the surprise now, because I want you all to experience the same feeling when I turned the tag.
I am quite meticulous/anal about my work. I made sure that I got to see each and every part of the process. This is me and my team fine thing tuning the shoes.
God is in making sure all the details are perfect!
By the look of my face! I still am not very happy! LOL!
I wanted to make sure that everything is up to my standards. I am allergic to “tension” so that the stitching has got to be done correctly.
From the prototypes I began designing the packaging, labels, boxes, dust bags even a fantastic shoe horn the comes free with the mens shoes!  The entire team really worked very hard to make sure that at the end of this collaboration the true winner is the customer!  Providing amazing designs at prices that will make everyone literally jump up and down with delight.  I can’t keep hardly keep my excitement at bay!  In a few days all will be revealed!

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2 Responses to RAJO x PARISIAN/MILANOS 2012! The Design Process!

  1. hannah says:

    Hi Rajo,

    I am your biggest fan!

    I am getting married this October and i find it so difficult to look for my shoes.
    Are these shoes available in SM-CEBU too?

    our theme is PLUM and GOLD though.

  2. Joshua says:

    Hi Rajo!

    I did not know that you have a new blog. Still waiting for your new fab post at Stylebible.ph. Love the designs of the shoes.! Continue to inspire us. Lovelotz.

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