Loving the TIVOLI! Mandarin Oriental Manila!

My memories  of  The Tivoli at the Mandarin Oriental Manila has always been about special occasions.  I remember having dinner there during my prom and many special events like birthdays, anniversaries and what not.  The Tivoli has always been a favourite of may parents and each time I come I remember a time where I was fancy free and lead a slower paced life. Now that I am older I feel that I am constantly rushing and I yearn to just pause and take a breather.
Having a meal here is really one of those moments that you have to slow down and just take time to appreciate each and every minute detail.
I was really happy that I was able to do that and have a 2 hour lunch (which is my idea of luxury) when I was invited  by Ms. Charisse Chuidian to try out ther new menu of The Tivoli.  I love that the restaurant feels exactly the same but it has a more polished look.  I always appreciate the refined sensibilities of the TIvoli imagining myself to be one of those “women who lunch” and have all the time and resources in the world. Well I certainly felt like a “Tai-Tai” that lunch because everything that came to my table was so beautifully prepared, presented and really lovely.
Happy to be lunching with my darling’s Stephanie Zubiri and Candy Dizon.

This was my favourite! Crab with chanterelle mushrooms with a really beautiful sauce.

It was so decadent!

The chef brought out a special dish of heirloom tomatoes with a vinaigrette dressing.

This was my favourite!

Charisse decided on the duck dish.

I originally ordered this dish, but since the chef already brought out too much food for me to try I was too full to actually eat it. Happily I was able to send it back. I now have another reason to come back to Tivoli. I want to taste the Fresh Lapu-lapu, Norwegian Salmon and king prawn mar mite, with green vegetables and fish broth. It looks gorgeous no?

Lamb shoulder tournedos cooked for 12 hours with oriental spices served with fresh garlic puree, French beans and kalamat was a real highlight!

I really enjoyed the Soft shell crab with papaya, peanuts, and green mango salad! I love anything with a bit of a crunch.


The highlights for me were the Crab dish and chantarelle mushroom dish that was really gorgeous!  It came with  a succulent sauce that was so evolved.  Sweet with a pinch of tartness and this spice that I really could not place.  The play of flavours was really what made it so memorable.  My other favourite dish was actually not mine but it was shared to me by my friend Candy Dizon who was dining with me that day.  It was a 12 hour cooked roulade of lamb that was so carefully cooked that you could feel each minute of attention and care that was given to it.   It was tender and so perfectly seasoned that the experience still lingers in my mind.
I had to take a photo of the most interesting dessert  on the menu!  The tivoli bomb!  LOL!


Hot chocolate would be poured on top of the dome and would melt the globe…..
To reveal…
Something really special inside! Talk about drama!


OMG! Took all my energy and will power not to try this Raspberry and chocolate macaron with minted chocolate sorbet. However for dessert lovers out there this looks like a winner.

The Desserts that they are offering was mind blowing and even if I opted to be good and not give in and try to eat any (had to reinforce my will power that day) it was a real thrill just to take photos of the dishes.  I think that amidst all these wonderful new restaurants sprouting around our metropolis it’s often wise to take a look, revisit and see what establishments that stood the test of time are offering.  There is a good reason whey they are still around, surviving, growing and succeeding.  The formula is logical.  Amazing food and impeccable service matched with that distinct Mandarin X-factor which makes a winning experience each and every time!  
So book a table now and try the new dishes at the Tivoli!  YOUR NOT GOING TO REGRET IT!

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2 Responses to Loving the TIVOLI! Mandarin Oriental Manila!

  1. Christine says:

    Delicious!!! The first course looks heavenly :)


  2. rajo says:

    It was all really quite beautiful! Worth all the calories indeed! Thank you for the comment!

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