I am so backlogged it’s not even funny!  I am usually the kind of blogger who likes to update my blog on a daily basis but things can get busy and when your travelling to places that don’t have any internet or if they do they are so slow that it too painful to do anything on line.  So I essentially slowed down on the social network sites, eased up on the blog and took a few days off!
The artist!
Let me tell all of you that I missed it so much.  However it has given me time to think and  came up with a great idea!   I will be making a BIG announcement very soon and of course all of you will be in the loop!  In the mean time let me share with you a youtube music video that I have been really loving and I think it really has a great message to say.
My Ate Chickee Banzon share it with me and I want to share this with all of you!  I wrote her back saying ….. Although I did not get t any where that kind of treatment! I was always aware that I was SPECIAL and happy to have you all my family who supported me and showed me that what ever and who ever I chose to be that I am LOVED and because of this I am am a better MAN! Thank you ate Chiqui! I am so blessed to have you as family!
Do enjoy and share this video with more people, I think it has great message.   ENJOY!
I have a favourite line in the song and it really tugged a chord in my heart.  ”…’di sinusukat ang tapang at ang bigote sa mukha, dahil kung minsan mas lalake pa sa lalake ang bakla.”  Now is that the truth?




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8 Responses to SIRENA!

  1. aimee says:

    Yehey you are back! I miss your blog entry for several days :)
    I check your blog every day :D

  2. sam_ur_guy says:

    Hi there Rajo….misssseeeddd you so much!!! It was my habit to check your blog on daily basis for almost a year now and I see to it that I did not missed any day….I was worried that for the past days you did not update your blog….i was supposed to call you (if I only knew your contact number…lols) I am glad your back!!!!!

    • rajo says:

      Thank you so much guys! To be honest I am off my game these past few days. I just need to find my groove and will be back in no time! I appreciate the concern.

  3. raffy says:

    Glad you come back, your part of breakfast every day….

  4. Ching says:

    Me too! I miss reading your blogs. Everyday i always check if you have new one.

  5. melinda says:

    hi rajo,
    i read your blog every single day.. and it’s really a yehey that you’re back..!! inspired me a lot. your blog is very entertaining and it is always written from the heart… keep it up and God bless..

    • rajo says:

      Thank you Melinda! I have been feeling a bit off these days. I got the sore eyes and then I feel like I caught a bug or something. I m just resting.

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