I am so excited about the culinary scene in Manila!  For the past few years it has been really vibrant, energetic and above all quite delicious.  Each month I hear about a brand-new place to try and although I watch carefully what I eat these days I do succumb to my human desires and fall prey to my hedonist tendencies.  LOL!
I cannot wait to have breakfast here for dinner!
My friend JJ Yulo who when it comes to food and eating I deeply respect, has been talking about this place called wild flour on his face book account.  He says that since it has opened (which is barely 3 weeks) he has been back 5 times!  I mean that was serious!  I had to try it out for myself.  So the very next evening I invited my editors Isha and Pauline for a catch up dinner with Nix.
Since I did not know what to expect I asked JJ Yulo to text me what was good and from his recommendations had one of the most beautiful and memorable meals I have ever had in Manila.  Wild Flour has this really relaxed ambience to it, the chef is from Los Angeles and you could immediately feel this chill vibe from the restaurant.  I really responded positively to the warm interiors with the brick walls, exposed ceiling and rich raw wood.  You could feel the love and attention the chef and the owners gave this place.  From the artisanal bread which they make in house from scratch down to the lovely tea towels that you use for napkins.  I actually liked the smell of it.
The food was simple. SIMPLY SENSATIONAL! I mean everything we ordered was really spot on almost perfect. We started with some beautiful tart’s which  was topped with bacon and cheese.  It felt like a light flaky modern pizza but was more sophisticated and just beautiful.  I loved it so much that i had to order and try the other variation with the cheese!  Both were divine although nothing can fight with bacon!  LOL!  My girls ordered some escargot that came in these tiny cups topped with a golden disc of pastry. It was a new and novel way to eat escargot and I enjoyed this tremendously. We also ordered the beef short ribs!  It was so tender and sublimely flavored that you will forget all your woes and blues as you indulge in this gorgeous dish!  LOL!  The potato mash alone that supports the beef was worthy of coming back to wild flour!
We had two desserts after dinner!  One was the Wild four sundae which immediately took me back to when I was 8 years old!  This is a good sign.  The balance of flavors of the ice cream with the chunks of  brownies and bananas was heavenly.  We then tried the  pot de creme which was also so lush and velvety, each teaspoon making you feel instantly decadent and dangerous!  This made me feel like hopping on a treadmill for an extra 2 hours the next day!  LOL!
Cool and casual settings! I love those tea towels! The open kitchen in the back. I love how this reminds me of Shakey’s when I was small. I love that they let us all see how they prepare our food. Fresh bread made in-house from scratch! OMG! The best flambé tart I have ever had in the entire world! Check out the bacon! I DIE! Mini escargot cups! YUM!!! This beef short rib dish was just gorgeous! GORGEOUS! We had to try the second variety of the tart. This time with cheese and greens! One more of this beautiful dish! We had to have dessert and if you do make this one of them! Pot de creme! YUM! The wild flour sundae makes you happy inside and out! For Instagram! LOL!
The restaurant is getting magical reviews and I suggest you call ahead to secure a table.  Although I know they don’t do reservations yet so either come early or come at an odd time.  I saw their breakfast menu and it looks so delicious that I may just have breakfast there for dinner! LOL! Wild Flour is located at the fort along 4th and 26th street in the building across the mini-cooper showroom their telephone number there is +632 856 7600.  Enjoy and be prepared to pay cash first as they are in their soft opening stages.

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  1. frances says:

    Hi Sir Rajo!

    I am desperately looking for your SYDNEY foodie post/s (tried to google but no) as me and my friends are going there (first time!) this September. I was wondering if you could direct me to the date so I could search sa archives :B Thank you so much!

  2. frances says:

    Thank you so much! Your blog is such a treasure trove!
    More power!

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