SPRING! The New Panciteria!

My grandfather on my mother’s side held office in Binondo.  His office building is one of the most beautiful places in Manila.  It is called the El Hogar building. The building is just off the Jones bridge and to this day remains one of the most beautiful buildings in the area.  My memories of visiting my Lolo Meniong always revolved around the magic of El Hogar and the fact that we would eat merienda in Chinatown which was a hop, skip and a jump away.
I really like the way they did the graphics in the restaurant.
I recently remembered all of this because Nix discovered this little hole in the wall in Makati called Spring.  He excitedly called me and urged me to have dinner with him in his new discovery immediately.  So that same evening we had dinner at Spring and it was one of the most comforting dinners I have had in a long time.  Memories of my visits to my Lolo filled my mind and yet although many things were familiar Spring had this freshness about it.  It felt new, modern and exciting! 
I loved the cheerful interior decorations and the cool graphics that grabbed my attention.  Small details like the paper placemat with the circular cua-pao repeat pattern made me realize these people are good! From the founders of Ha Yuan who are virtual institutions in the food business came Spring!  The restaurant is really known for their fresh lumpia.  I have clients from Binondo who would take these beautiful fresh lumpia that would be absolutely perfect for merienda.  Most of the items we ordered were recommended by their very well-informed and smiley staff, all of which were quite spot on.
Cute little stools for extra seating. Open kitchen for extra entertainment. A well-loved menu! Details like the graphic design of the paper place mat make all the difference. This is beauty in a bowl! MAKI MI! All their lumpias are done a la minute. We ordered the sampler! Two of all the different kinds! It’s very filling so we took the rest home. The famous cua-pao! Finally the mango taho sago! This was really beautiful!
What I liked the most was the maki mi!  It was the very first time I had it and I knew why this was their signature dish.  It was rich thick and had these thin soft ivory noodles swimming in the most deliciously decadent amber soup/sauce that just made your stomach and soul glow after eating it.  I loved it!  Then came the cua-pao which flavor-wise was excellent, however I wish the pork was more tender.
I still had room for dessert and had my eye on the mango taho with sago balls.  It was really lovely!  Delicate, not too sweet and tangy from the mangoes with the chewy fun bits from the sago.  I would go back again just for that dessert.  Overall I really enjoyed my experience.  The best part  was that the price was so amazing!  I felt like it was one of those amazing deals!  I mean all that and we paid around 550 pesos! That is a great deal!  Congratulations Spring! I cannot wait to be back!  For more information click on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/springbyhy.

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3 Responses to SPRING! The New Panciteria!

  1. sister jenny says:

    “Si Cookie’!!!! :-)

  2. aimee says:

    The food looks delicious and when you said it only costs 550 for all of that!! then definitely me and my hubby will try that place soon :)
    Thanks for sharing…

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