Super Cool Panda Sunglasses!

A few years ago I met a reality stylish film and TV director.  His name is Sid Maderazo.  I immediately took a liking to his personality and to his unique personal style.  Think uptown hipster with a clean twist.  I don’t get to see him too often as we’re both quite busy but we keep in touch via social media. LOL!  I am huge fan of his Instagram photos as I love his bike shots. (Follow him!)
He started posting these photos of these super cool wood sunglasses and I found them really cool.  So he sent some over with some information and I thought that it was really worthy to share and to spread the word around.
I think they are pretty cool!  I love my pair and I think that more people should take a look at them.  Sid sent me nice email and some images of his new business venture and I know that this will become popular.
Thank you Sid!  I LOVE MY PANDA! LOL!

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6 Responses to Super Cool Panda Sunglasses!

  1. JC says:

    Where can we buy/order this?

  2. janinahi says:

    wow….. underwater hehehe…. how much for 1 Panda Sunglasses? cool man

  3. laiza says:

    Hi Rajo! Thanks for sharing this. They look great! =) Do you have any idea if this is already available here in Manila? Or do purchases need to be made online via their website? Thanks!

  4. Lee says:

    Price: P6,000
    TEXT 099988-PANDA TO ORDER. :)

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