I am so grateful to my friend Bambina Olivares-Wise“er” (Private joke insert.  My apologies!) as she is a contributing writer for WWD, otherwise known as as the bible of the fashion industry! She featured my sketch for the uniforms of the Philippine delegation on the 2012 Olympic games!  I am so proud and honored to be doing this as the article showcases the other uniforms from the other nations!
To be mentioned in the same league as my IDOLS in the world of fashion is really surreal!  I was like OMG!!!!  Do click on the link to see more: http://www.wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-features/olympics-summer-2012-preview-get-your-game-on-6083373.  I do hope that you all try to see the opening ceremonies this SUNDAY July 28 at like 4am!  LOL!  TV5 is showing this.  GO TEAM PHILIPPINES!!!!!
Here are a few other links featuring our uniforms:
And some actual images from the Opening Ceremony happening now!
A proud moment indeed! I see my friend Mikee Romero!!! Our flag carrier, Haidlyn! She reminds me of Juday! So proud!

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5 Responses to Yay! WE GOT FEATURED IN WWD!

  1. bklynista says:

    You did a terrific job with the uniforms. Congratulations! I couldn’t help but notice that they majority didn’t have the hat on. They would’ve looked so much pulled together with the hat in place.

  2. alan cruz says:

    hindi masyadong nag impact ang philippine uniform, patay ang kulay, dapat malayo pa lang makita na kaagad ang philippine team .my opinion.

  3. la says:

    it looked more vietnamese than pinoy. my take.

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