Design Team Work Trip!

I am a firm believer that a design team only works when everyone works as one and one understand each other implicitly!  Travel is one way to get to know an individual better l and more often than not when I travel with people there is this closeness that develops.  This is what I was really aiming at with this recent design work trip that my sisters and I just went to.
My sisters Sam, Venisse that’s Martin in the pink shirt behind the digital clock, Nix and our new baby! Michelle! All of 19 years of age! Le sigh!
I have a relatively new “team” as some of my House of Laurel girls have “graduated” to pursue their own dreams and marriages. So forming a new team is both exciting and nerve wracking.  I was so happy that we got to go on this amazing trip which was primarily for work but we managed to squeeze in some play time as well.
Looking back at the photos it seems all so exotic and actually quite inspiring!  So please enjoy the photos and meet the new members of my team!
Happy that we got to stay in this fancy hotel! Pass the cheese please! The huge light monster was a tad tacky but the inner child in me was in glee! I mean it changes color every 15 seconds! Our room! Chuvaness I think would approve of the bathroom! Nix already looking at the in room dining menu! LOL! The impressive Lobby! ROOM SERVICE ROCKS!!!! My view! Told you Room service rocks! LOL! Went to the market and found some really neat stuff! Reminds me of Christmas! OMG! Fresh Peaches! LOVE! BIKE TOWN! You all know I love bikes! Suahe for dinner! YUM! The view from the breakfast area. Say Hi to Ferge! He looks like Martin’s brother no? They went to HS together. Thanks Ferge you really were such a huge help! I loved this store! It was so interesting! They use this to wrap things with. Like dimsum and other things. It was so interesting. Marting and I sporting some new “bangs”?! What do you think? Michelle looks better in them! LOL! MORE BIKES! We needed some mannequins! Spotted some super yummy Mangosteen! Fresh cherries OMG!!! LOVE THESE!

Terminator mannequins! LOL!

Street food chow! I love this photo. Found the strangest ring! Gives me the goosies! A skinned bunny?
Chic alley!

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9 Responses to Design Team Work Trip!

  1. Guest says:

    you never mentioned where you went! :) japan?

  2. Monica says:

    Mmmmm! I love that crepe thing!

  3. Migylie says:

    As Martin’s actual brother, I object!:) LOL! Awesome photos, Rajo!

  4. Monica says:

    It’s called Jian Bing! I learned that on my visit to “Secret City” hahaha! Tried to find it in NY, but does not exist here. Looking forward to Oct when I can visit again and have jian bing for breakfast.

  5. JM says:

    (sigh) wanna be part of your awesome team!

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