I am celebrating 20 years of being a designer late this year and because of this I have become quite sentimental and decided to look back in order to see where I truly am in my journey.  I am fortunate enough to have archived a lot of my work.  I am in many ways a pack rat that way.  It’s very hard for me to throw anything out.  I have kept most of my sketches, samples, receipts, swatches, samples and what not. They are all tucked away in my archives.  I knew that one day they will become useful and maybe that day has come?


I am now in full preparation for a special evening.  An evening of thanks and gratitude and a few months ago I was able to tangibly begin that process of looking back.  I am so lucky that I had the genius of Marc Nicdao to capture in a few images 20 years of my design work.  The man is really fascinating to work with.  So deadly random and chill and yet specific and poignant.  let me share with you some images that we worked with for a special issue of Metro.  Some of these images were not used by the magazine so I wanted to share with you the Genius of Marc Nicdao.  I am grateful that I work with this man often and have seen his growth from the very start.  I love that fact that to this very day that passion, energy, fire and light is just as strong.  Never fading, always wanting, always interested and ready for that creative burst of insanity slash brilliance!  Maraming Salamat Marc!  I am deeply grateful fro the opportunity and the meaning of these images to me and my journey!





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3 Responses to THE GENIUS OF NICDAO!

  1. roman says:

    dear rajo,

    what a great collbaration between two artist…he trully was able to capture the beauty of your works… are a consistently evolving designer and it shows in your body of i wish to be a part of that special evening you are planning.

    your fan,

  2. Isachar says:

    WOW!! (I’m speechless)
    You are a great fashion designer Mr. Rajo!


  3. frances says:

    AMAZING designs (SUPERB photography).
    Keep on creating, Mr. Rajo!

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