DIPLOMESSY! Bob Says Goodbye to Shanghai!

It seems like China is winning the race of my most visited country.  This year alone I must have been back 6 times!  I guess it’s really the sign of the times!  So I flew out to Shanghai for several reasons first to check on some clients and find out if they needed anything from me.  I designed the uniforms for a couple of hotels in Shanghai and it’s always good to find out if they need anything else.
Took the Pal flight to Shanghai and I have to say that PAL really knows how to take care of their passengers. May puso and kusa!
The second reason why I am in Shanghai is that it is the going away party of my dear friend Bob.  For several years now I have been coming back and forth to Shanghai because of Bob.  We had a good run in Shanghai and he wanted to go and leave with a huge bang!  I had to be there.  He rented out the “chairman of the board” suite which in China is a notch higher than the Presidential suite at the Grand Hyatt Pudong.  I loved the views of the hotel as you get both old and new Shanghai in a full 180 degrees.  The party started out around 7pm with a great DJ and lots of beautiful finger food.  Then it got more “messy” and Bob got a second DJ which lasted till the last drop of alcohol was served.  My friend Bob actually does not eat but exists of copious amounts of  champagne, gin and vodka! LOL!
This is the view outside of Bob’s apartment. I love this shot! Bob is in the center with Frank to his right. We were goofing around in Frank’s house in Baguio. This is our “Angel’s” Shot. Can you believe that this is a starbuck mural? Woke up and had brunch here. Nix loves this street food pao. Shanghai’s many beautiful and interesting alley’s. I love this shot as you can really find beauty anywhere. Another frame I also love this shot. Best bagels in china! Bob and I in his sayonara scrap book. LUNCH! Had time to visit some art galleries and found this Tape art. I love these confused plates. I have to get this. It’s both magical and macabre. Old Shanghai! Bob is always about the tiny cold finger food. Pudong views. Ana, Bob and I! T-Rex! I want!


The entire weekend was really fun as it felt like a whirlwind journey of all the friends and people that Bob met during his stay in China.  I also started becoming hooked on this instagram application on my I-Phone so a lot of my new photos here have a bit of dramatic edge to them.  LOL!  I do hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  I cannot wait to begin another adventure with my friend Bob as this time he takes on Indonesia!

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9 Responses to DIPLOMESSY! Bob Says Goodbye to Shanghai!

  1. Isha says:

    Rajo, your photography’s really grown better over time! Bravo!

  2. rajo says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! Thank you Isha! I am trying!

  3. Nancy Matsunaga says:

    Hi Rajo, I’m nancy from Japan Tokyo ..
    … When are you coming back to Japan ?
    I can show you the beautiful places here..
    Hopefully to meet you . I’m your fans !!

    • rajo says:

      Hi Nancy! Will be back in Japan hopefully in the FALL! I love japan when the trees change colors and the climate gets really cooler. Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it.

  4. Ana P says:

    great pics rajo! may i please ask which camera you use?

  5. J.Anton Mendoza says:

    Luv, luv, luv the angels shot1111! hahahhahahahah that just made my day Rajo, and hugs to you Bob McCubbing, from Paris with love, Anton:-)

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