OJ/bench + RAJO! Store Visit TRINOMA!

I have always believed that FASHION should be tangible!  It is an experience that involves so many of the tactile senses and if you use it properly it can be a very powerful thing!  This tangibility is what makes my collaboration with BENCH so meaningful and exciting!  I wanted to do store visits to personally get the chance to talk to the real buyers of BENCH and to figure out how best to serve the customers and to personally explain and perhaps even help them with their fashion choices.
Here I am with my Co- young bloggers! NAKS!!!!! I read their blogs regularly and I must say they are very talented. Lissa Kahayon, David Guison, Shai Lagarde and Joseph Cham!
Got to get these for you! I promise you all that they are really yummy! LOVE the ENERGY of the TRINOMA TEAM! Say HI to DALE! He is my MAIN man at Bench! The collection is still not 100% Complete as the “colored” jeans are still coming! Pose muna! Next stop was Mega Mall! Just passed by and played incognito at the Bench store! Looked up and saw this beautiful image.


Meaning to make them feel special!  I was caught in a major traffic jam on EDSA that afternoon!  Remember when that bus overturned?  Aaargh!  Making me a full hour late!  I try my best to be on time but traffic on Edsa is really a nightmare!  On a good note I did get to meet some of the hot young bloggers that I only get to see on line and got the chance to speak to them and ask them where they shop?  Which blogs they follow and what not?
It was really a great experience and I cannot wait to do it again!  In fact I may be doing this all over BENCH stores Philippines so watch out for me on twitter and of course here for announcements!  Cebu, Davao wait for me!  I am coming! LOL!

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6 Responses to OJ/bench + RAJO! Store Visit TRINOMA!

  1. Ana says:

    I just had to say that while I’m not very experimental with scents, I enjoyed Rajo Dos. It really is a changeable scent. I mean, the top note was kind of masculine, but a few minutes later it softened & got very fresh. Now I get what you meant when you said it was kind of unisex.

    I love your aesthetic, and I hope these 2 scents are just the start of your fragrance line.

    • rajo says:

      Thanks ANA! I hope so too! Scents are like new friends you have to give them a bit of time to develop and grow into. I like the way you described your experience. Kakatuwa!

  2. Aldretch says:

    I love the last image.
    also rajo dos makes me smell ” expensive” : )

  3. rajo says:

    Please click on the names of the “kids” to see their amazing blogs! Trust me when I say it’s super cool!

  4. liane says:

    Rajo, you’re so slim na. You’re looking so good!!!

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